Take Information Management to the Next Level with Universal Document Control

March 25, 2022

Deltek PIM manages all project and enterprise emails, documents and drawings. However, some businesses need to manage certain files within network folders. Now, with the latest release of Deltek PIM, users can leverage the search and index power of Deltek PIM to network folders and OneDrive files for project-related and enterprise information.   

Universal Document Control (UDC) connects network folders to Deltek PIM, providing a holistic view of all project documents, drawings and other project-related files, making files managed outside of Deltek PIM easier to find.


"It’s going to take PIM to a different level, with the collaboration through integration”

- Deltek PIM Early Adopter Participant


Search for Documents Across Multiple Locations

Research shows that some companies use network folders to house some project documentation alongside their Deltek PIM solution, such as in-progress drawings, making it challenging for designers to easily find the right files at the right time. Universal Document Control extends the power of Deltek PIM so users can search in one location to find project information, whether they are stored in Deltek PIM, in network folders or on OneDrive. By displaying search results in one window, Deltek PIM can provide a holistic view of all project documents so designers can quickly and easily find what they need to move a project forward.

Deltek PIM, Universal Document Control 

Access Files from a Single Location

Users can open all files directly from Deltek PIM, whether they are stored in Deltek PIM, on the network or in OneDrive. Once Deltek PIM displays search results, users can click on the link to open the document from its original location within the native program to view or make edits.

Deltek PIM, Universal Document Control, Access All File Types 

Support Drawing Development

One reason companies keep in-progress drawings in network folders is because those drawings require links to external references (i.e., AutoCAD Xref). With Universal Document Control, users can easily search for and access active drawings in Deltek PIM while maintaining the links for external references.

Invigorate User Adoption

Because UDC can search for documents within network folders, companies can encourage non-power users to better leverage Deltek PIM by leveraging Deltek PIM’s powerful searching capabilities. Then, as users rediscover the benefits of Deltek PIM, they can begin publishing documents into Deltek PIM to experience the full power of the solution, such as version control and full audit trail. UDC can be a catalyst for increased user adoption and decreased risk for your company with a full audit trail.

Quickly Publish Files

When users are ready to publish a single document or a batch of documents from network folders into Deltek PIM, they can do so easily with the Deltek PIM publishing tool. Once the documents have been moved, a link to the latest version will remain on the network folder so users know it has been published in Deltek PIM.

Deltek PIM, Universal Document Control, Publish Documents 

Learn More

If your company can benefit from Universal Document Control, there are two ways to set up this feature: your administrator can 1) follow instructions outlined in the Deltek Learning Zone or 2) reach out to the Deltek PIM Consulting team at [email protected] to discuss how they can help.