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Why CEOs are Reluctant to Invest in Emerging Tech

According to our research into the future of the professional services industry, only 16% of CEOs expect to invest in emerging technology compared with 51% of Head of Projects. Attendees at the Digital Leaders Forum discuss why there is such a discrepancy.


The Digitalisation of Professional Services Firms

Tom Deacon, Global Head of Digital at Turner & Townsend, discusses how digitalisation and emerging technologies can enable firms to cope with the industry changes and challenges identified in our research report, ‘Insight to Action – The future of the professional services industry’.


How Emerging Tech is Changing Business Models

Attendees at the Digital Leaders Forum discuss the impact that digitalisation and emerging technologies will have on the business models of Professional Services Firms.


Are Firms Dodging Digital Transformation

According to our research only 19% of the C-Suite at Professional Services Firms are predicting they will be digitally advanced in the next five years. Hear from attendees at the Digital Leaders Forum as they discuss what they think is holding firms back from embracing digital transformation.


Top Challenges for Professional Services Firms

Hear from key decision-makers at Professional Services Firms during the Digital Leaders Forum as they respond to the findings of our research report, ‘Insight to Action – The future of the professional services industry.’ Find out what they see as the biggest challenges facing firms today.


Why Firms are Struggling with Digitalisation

Hear from Ben Grinnell, Managing Director at North Highland, at the Digital Leaders Forum as he discusses the reasons many professional services firms are struggling with digitalisation and what they need to do in order to remain current and competitive.


Why Talent and Tech are Keys to Success

Ross Williamson, Managing Partner at Wipro Consulting, discusses why he feels that investing in talent and technology are key if professional services firms want to remain profitable, competitive and successfully navigate industry changes and challenges.


10 Myths About Project Manufacturing

Clear the fog on common misconceptions.

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