Team Deltek Volunteering to Make a Positive Impact in Our Communities

November 24, 2020

Making a Difference

Together as #TeamDeltek, we commit to upholding Deltek’s corporate values in our workplace, in addition to supporting our local communities. To help employees find the necessary time, Deltek offers a volunteer program where employees can use their office hours to make a positive impact on organizations they are passionate about.

Given that this year has brought many causes to support, we are proud that our employees are using their volunteer time to help others and make a difference.

Here are a few stories from Deltek employees around the globe on how they are spending their Volunteer Time Off:


Angelo Garcia, a member of Deltek's Engineering team since 2015 – Makati, Philippines   

Distributing Supplies in the Aetas Community

“I was thrilled to use my Deltek Volunteer Time Off to organize an outreach program with the Aetas community in Barangay Camias Porac Pampanga Philippines. This small nomadic community is hard to reach using vehicles, because it is in a mountainous area and some of the roads are unpaved. So our volunteer group went by bike carrying supplies for the kids - a 96KM ride roundtrip! Once we reached the small village, we distributed the school supplies, slippers, facemasks and candy. With the current pandemic, we were not able to do other activities, but the smiles from the kids made the trek worth it.”

Chris Lawton, a 22-year veteran of the Customer Care & Deltek University team – Loveland, Colorado

Providing Seniors Rides through SAINT

“Earlier this year, I volunteered to be a driver with SAINT – Senior Alternatives in Transportation – in my hometown of Loveland, Colorado. SAINT volunteers provide rides to elderly and disabled people who can no longer drive. With the pandemic, the rides are limited to necessities like doctor's appointments, dialysis, and grocery runs – but these rides are critical for those who need to get around. I had such an amazing experience! I love working with SAINT because the program allows their riders to maintain a level of independence that would be impossible otherwise. My husband has been a long-time volunteer and drives for SAINT every Thursday, so I knew exactly how I wanted to spend my VTO hours.”

Natalie Moyes, a member of Deltek's Global Sales team since 2008 – London, England 

Partnering with Preston Vocation Centre (PVC)

“I used my Deltek VTO day to volunteer for Preston Vocation Centre, an organisation that delivers construction based vocational training and support in and around the Preston area. In the past, PVC partnered with a handful of local construction organisations offering opportunities for onward student career paths, and PVC were keen to expand this reach further. As part of my volunteer activities, PVC provided me with a list of local companies they wanted to partner with. I reached out to these local companies, identified the correct point of contact and process, and set up some introductions on PVC’s behalf. As a result, I was able to proactively talk about the role of PVC in the wider construction industry and initiate some new conversations supporting PVC, the new apprentices, and the organisations, and hopefully creating some new opportunities at the very start of the construction career path.”

Denise Russell, a member of Deltek's Global Sales team since 2018 – Washington Township, Michigan

Performing Civic Duties in Washington Township

“Voting is the most important thing we can do as Americans – so I signed up to use my VTO day to support my community on Election Day. Ultimately, Deltek gave U.S. employees Election Day off, so I was able to use that time to work as an Election Inspector checking voters in and assisting them throughout the day with voting, and later helping with vote tabulation. It was an amazing experience that I look forward to doing again! I am incredibly grateful to Deltek for giving me the opportunity to do this important work. I love working for a company that supports its employees in this way, and I hope they continue to do so in the future.”

Alexandra Soni, a member of the Customer Care & Deltek University team since 2017 – Leesburg, VA

Working Together For Good at Legacy Farms

“During my volunteer day I was hands-on with the apprentices at Legacy Farms in Leesburg, VA, assisting them with weeding, harvesting and caring for the crops. Through this apprentice program, that supports individuals with neurological differences, participants learn how to maintain the garden and prepare deliveries for local businesses. I am appreciative of Deltek’s VTO program that provides me the time to work with members of this community to help them gain skills for future job opportunities. Not only do I support Legacy Farms through volunteering, I also attend their farmer’s market events on the weekends with my husband, typically at a winery or brewery, so it's a great opportunity to support this organization and local businesses!”

Elaine Stott, a 23-year veteran of Deltek’s Engineering team – Peabody, MA

Baking with Love for Soldiers’ Angels

 “I had been trying to find an online volunteer opportunity that was flexible and that I could do from the comfort of my own home. Then I was introduced to Soldiers’ Angels - an organization that provides aid, comfort, and resources to the military, veterans, and their families - and it seemed like a perfect fit! Each month, volunteers like me, bake and ship care packages to active-duty service members around the globe. I love the idea that even though someone may be far away from home they can still get a box of home-baked treats as a thank you for their service.”


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From harvesting crops to voter registration and driving seniors, #TeamDeltek helps organizations when they need it most. Not only do we recognize how important it is for employees to engage and give back, but Deltek also understands how volunteering can greatly impact a person’s health and well-being – by reducing stress levels, improving their mood, helping them stay active and giving them a sense of purpose. That is why we are proud to offer this VTO opportunity to Deltek’s more than 3,000 employees worldwide.