Quarterly Town Hall Recap: New Technology to Improve Mobility, Efficiency and Usability

July 06, 2021
Linda Dininger
Sr. Product Marketing Specialist

Customer town halls are part of our commitment to ensure users have the latest information about their solutions, can get tips and tricks from the experts and can get updates about what’s happening with Deltek. In the June 2021 town hall, Deltek PIM users can learn what’s coming in the next release, tips to quickly finding answers about the solution and how to earn a commission on referrals to Deltek.


Deltek PIM Town Hall Q2 2021

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New Release Focuses on Mobility, Efficiency and Usability

In this town hall, users get a more in-depth look at new features and enhancements now available in Deltek PIM that improve mobility, expedite document management and enhance usability with new technology.

The new document publishing wizard includes a more user-friendly interface and makes it easier for users to get documents into PIM faster. To learn more, read this blog. This release introduces new document viewing technology for web and mobile applications enabling users to view any document without downloading files, as well as quickly markup documents and drawings from a browser. All users can now access PIM via mobile to improve coordination and collaboration between a dispersed workforce. Finally, the admin zone has been redesigned to make it easier for administrators to manage their Deltek PIM solution.

For more information, be sure to watch this town hall.

What’s Coming Next in Deltek PIM?

The Deltek PIM team is currently preparing for the next release and gaining valuable feedback on two new features through the early adopter program. The first feature is the new local file management functionality, which will replace the existing working files as well as introduce the new express check in feature to save users time. The second feature is the new universal document control (UDC) feature that will widen the lens of Deltek PIM by allowing businesses to connect PIM to external sources such as network folders. With this feature, users will be able to search from within Deltek PIM and find documents no matter where they reside.

Preparing for Modern Browser Technology

Product Director Nick Nieder provides an update on Deltek PIM’s journey to remove its reliance on Internet Explorer. This update includes how to access Deltek PIM via Microsoft Edge. As we move forward, there are steps that your teams can take to prepare for the change in technology and revisit internal processes to re-engage your users.

Watch this webinar for more information.

Customer Care Update

Manit Patel reviews details around the Deltek Secure Vault applicable to companies that host their Deltek PIM solution on their own servers. Exclusively with your authorization, the vault allows Deltek to securely store server connection and credentials so that Deltek Customer Care can access your system to better support your users as needed.

James Noble provides an update regarding sustaining support available for previous versions of Deltek PIM. If your business is on Deltek PIM 19.1 or earlier, now is the time to upgrade your solution. For more information, contact the PIM Upgrades team.

Getting the Most Out of Deltek PIM with Deltek University

Anna Dixon highlights the new resources available in the Deltek Learning Zone (DLZ) covering the new features available in the latest version of Deltek PIM. Additionally, new materials will be available soon to further train your users to increase adoption across your business.

Contact us with your feedback on the DLZ portal so we can continue to improve the user experience.

Deltek Advocate Program

Sean Welch, global partner program manager, unveiled Deltek’s new Advocate Program where your company has the opportunity to earn a commission for referring business to Deltek. As an Deltek PIM customer, your business understands how Deltek can help solve challenges and streamline processes. Spread the word and your company can earn up to $15,000.