Save Time with Intuitive Document Publishing

June 23, 2021

The latest release of Deltek PIM includes a new way to publish documents that is faster and more intuitive.

Streamline Document Management

In the latest release, it is easier to capture document details with a more user-friendly interface and a single details screen. Under the ‘Publish To’ tab, users can assign a document pool(s) the document should be associated with, along with additional attributes such as project or organization. Additionally, if you are in an entity when publishing (i.e., a project), the publishing tool will select the associated entity automatically to save you time searching for it. Users can still add more information in the  ‘Details/Comments’ tab.

Deltek PIM Intuitive Publishing

Easily Search for Document Pools to Simplify Publishing

Enable teams to find the relevant document pool more quickly through the new document pool search feature. When a user starts typing, the displayed document pools will display search results. Once selected, the document pool will be highlighted so users can clearly identify the location to which the document will be published.

Deltek PIM Document Pool Search

Quickly Share Documents

Now, users have more ways to share documents with internal or external team members when publishing a document into Deltek PIM. Under the ‘Share With’ tab, users can add recipients directly from Deltek PIM’s contacts and select how the document will be shared. Documents can also be shared using a download link, available for both internal and external recipients. This will work alongside the existing ‘share by email’ option, which allows you to either send a link to the document directly in the PIM document management system (a valid login is required to access) or as an email attachment. Once the user selects the green Publish button, an email notification is sent to the recipient with access to the document. This new addition will save users time by streamlining the process of publishing and sharing files simultaneously.

Deltek PIM Share Download Link