Improve Collaboration with Mobile Access for All Deltek PIM Users

October 20, 2021

The latest version of Deltek PIM empowers all Deltek PIM users to access project information from their mobile device to improve coordination and collaboration whether teams are working in the office, in the field or other remote locations.

View Project Information from Anywhere

When teams are on a project site or traveling to a meeting, they need easy access to project information to keep projects on track, coordinate with clients and address questions as needed. Now all Deltek PIM users can easily view project files from their mobile app saving teams time and effort. This includes all supported document types (PDF, Microsoft Office, drawings, images), contacts and organization records.

Deltek PIM Mobile Live Browsing

Use Filters to Quickly Find Information

Instead of scrolling through a list of contacts or documents, users can quickly narrow search results through easy-to-use filters and document pool selections making it simple to find the information when they need it. 

Deltek PIM Mobile Filtering

Communicate with Contacts

With access to up-to-date Deltek PIM information, users can easily call or email contacts to ask questions, answer enquiries and collaborate better no matter where they are working.

Deltek PIM Mobile, Communicate with Contacts

Get Started Now

To start accessing your company’s Deltek PIM information today, your company should be on the latest version of Deltek PIM. Then users can download the Deltek PIM Mobile Working app to their mobile device – available for the Android and iOS platforms – and login using their standard login credentials.

First Step in PIM Mobile Working Journey

Accessing information from your mobile device is the first step in the Deltek PIM Mobile Working journey.

Deltek PIM Mobile Journey

Stay Connected to Field Activities

By adding the Mobile Working add-on to your Deltek PIM solution, teams on project sites can replace manual processes by recording site observations, capturing and tagging photos, and managing issues and defect management items directly from their mobile devices. By allowing teams to digitally capture this information, the rest of the team has instant access to real-time data to continue making decisions and completing tasks based on up-to-date information.

Deltek PIM Mobile Working

Simplify Project Paperwork with Custom Forms

With the Custom Form Builder add-on, you can simplify your project paperwork by creating easy-to-use forms that match your project needs. Forms can be quickly completed on site and instantly filed within Deltek PIM. With custom forms, you can eliminate re-keying of project data and reduce the risk of lost paperwork or misfiled documentation.

Deltek PIM Custom Form Builder

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