Boost Client Satisfaction with Deltek ConceptShare for Jira

July 05, 2022
Regan Riddoch
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

An agile project management workflow is all about efficiency. And for creative teams using Jira to manage the production process, the review cycle can be a major speedbump if it’s still being managed by email chains and printouts. And without an easy way for Clients and Brand Managers to provide feedback and manage their review tasks, any efficiencies gained during your agile workflow could go down the drain. You could be looking at costly delays which, in the end, makes for a very dissatisfied Client.

So why not give them an easier way to give feedback and approvals, while maintaining the integrity of your agile project management workflow and delivering more content on time and on budget?

Here are three reasons why Deltek ConceptShare for Jira helps you boost Client satisfaction.

1.They don’t need to know anything about Jira

When a creative asset is ready to review, the Client gets an email notification giving them direct access to Proofing Workspace where they can easily markup the asset, leave comments and communicate with other reviewers. They don’t need to worry about anything else besides the asset under review – no job numbers, login credentials, or training required to fulfill their role in the Review & Approval (R&A) process.

  ConceptShare Jira Integration

2. You don’t have to chase them down for reviews or to clarify feedback

Deltek ConceptShare automatically notifies Reviewers by email when a review has been initiated. This includes everything they need to know about the review at hand including detailed instructions and well-defined deadlines so they know what’s required and by when. For Clients that review assets regularly, the Reviews screen gives them a central view of all their reviews in progress so they can self-prioritize their review tasks and never miss a deadline.

Within a review, Clients can communicate with Project Managers and Creatives to clarify feedback by simply replying to a comment.

3. You can simply deliver more creative content, faster

When ConceptShare is integrated into your agile project management workflow, you can accelerate the review cycle and avoid costly delays. This allows you more time to focus on the quality of the creative product while boosting efficiency, so that you’re saving valuable time and money. And what Client wouldn’t be satisfied with that? Learn More about the ConceptShare for Jira integration.


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