Infrastructure Project Management Software

Deltek Infrastructure Project Management


For firms handling mega Infrastructure projects such as Transport, Utilities, and Construction that impact a society and their inhabitants, maintaining control over all aspects of a project is critical. With scope, deliverables, schedule and price set, you are expected to deliver. Failure to meet prescribed performance guarantees can put the future of the firm at risk. Performance and schedule liquidated damages increase costs and decrease profits, potentially erasing company profits for the entire year or worse.

For more than three decades, Deltek has worked closely with Infrastructure firms and understands the unique challenges you face. Our solutions help you focus on on-time, on-budget delivery of projects. From the most straightforward task to the most complex multi-project management challenge, we can help you manage budgets and baselines; provide multiple forecasts for cost and earned value; and graphically analyse and report across a division or organisation for accurate revenue forecasts, cost management and project success.