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What is Project ERP?

Project ERP integrates all of your business functions and processes into one powerful solution.

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What is Professional Services Automation?

Known as PSA, it provides the software that organisations need to help win, serve and retain customers.

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What is Project Accounting?

An accounting system that factors in the complex dimensions of projects to improve business performance.

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How Project Based Businesses Transform in the Cloud

Deltek has partnered with the IDC on a webinar about project-based businesses in the cloud. In the webinar we discuss and share best practice approaches to shifting applications to the cloud to improve efficiencies, meet changing customer expectations, and support new business models.


Minimise Communication Chaos and Reduce Unnecessary Work

When projects are moving at lightning speed, team and client collaboration needs to be on point! Discover the best practices to get your agency communicating WITHOUT the hold-ups.


Get Ahead of Costly Issues Before They Impact Your Bottom Line

Empower project managers to handle project delivery from beginning to end and gain ultimate control and visibility over financials.


Avoid Wasting Money on Unnecessary Resources

Do you really need freelance help? Start empowering your Resource Managers with the best practices they need to avoid making uneducated and costly resourcing decisions.


Eliminate The Timesheet Headache

Timesheets. The ultimate headache for agencies when all you really want is accurate budget information, in real time. Discover simple best practices to help your team protect their workload balance and eliminate the pain.


Build A Better New Business Strategy

Empower your client services and new business teams to make an impact on your new business strategy with best-practice pipeline management tactics.


Protect Your Most Valuable Asset With Best Practice Resource Planning

Easily avoid the burden of Right-Sizing by simply optimising your resource planning and utilisation. Explore the best practices that will empower your resource managers and improve the integration of your people, processes and technology.