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ASPECT Studios - Deltek

Landscape Architecture Firm ASPECT Studios Powers ‘One Studio Model’ with Deltek ERP

In this interview, Chris Razzell, founder and Chairman of the Board, describes ASPECT Studios’ digital transformation journey, from system selection to successful deployment.

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Deltek Clarity Report

A&E: Which emerging tech have the greatest impact?

In A&E, new technologies are helping leading firms get ahead. But what solutions are most important, and how are firms deploying them?

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Architects and Engineers

A&E firms are at a different stage of digital maturity. Where do you fit in - and how can you get ahead?

We benchmarked digital maturity across A&E firms. Here are the results, and five suggestions to create a more digitally mature business.

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How ITC's digital transformation has helped enhance client offering and improve project delivery

ITC is one of the UK’s leading contractors, specialising in refurbishment and fit-out projects. In this interview, John Gale and Nick Conway explain how Deltek help them shape their business.

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The Real Reasons That Agency Projects Go Over Time And Over Budget

Ask any agency operations manager what’s causing creative projects to go off track, and the chances are they’ll start blaming clients. Find out why agency projects go over time and over budget.

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Award Winning Consulting Firm Ensures Business Operations Continuity With Deltek ERP

Alpha Consulting Engineers, established over 25 years ago in Singapore, is an electrical and mechanical engineering consultancy firm with 50 people delivering award-winning projects in the APAC region.n order to reduce complexity, maintain its high standard and quickly respond to changes in the business environment, Alpha Consulting Engineers collaborated with Deltek to transform its internal business infrastructure with a customized enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. In this interview, Choong Choon Guan, Director of Alpha Consulting, reveals what led the firm to embark on a digital transformation journey.

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Connecting Plots Powers Remote Working Collaboration With Deltek WorkBook

Digital Marketing Agency Connecting Plots Powers Remote Working Collaboration With Deltek WorkBook

Digital Marketing Agency Connecting Plots talks about how they powered remote working and team collaboration with Deltek WorkBook.

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Beauty Firm Oriflame Gives A Makeover To Their Old Systems And Boosts Productivity With Deltek WorkBook

We are delighted to welcome on board Oriflame's in-house creative agency as we help them boost productivity and optimise utilisation through better project and resource planning.

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Goodson Associates Lay The Foundations For Efficient Project Delivery And Office Connectivity

Civil and structural engineering consulting firm Goodson Associates, share their journey to bring efficiency to project and document management, and ensure connectivity across the business with Deltek PIM.

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Creative Collaboration for Your Agency's Remote Workforce

With more agencies realising the benefits of virtual work to leverage top talent and reduce turnover, it has become more important than ever to have the right tools in place to keep employees connected and communication flowing so that there's no disruption in productivity.

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