Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

Manage Firm-wide and Project Information

For many project centric businesses the need to organise huge volumes of files across all aspects of their organisations is a daily struggle. Many use siloed departmental systems causing lots of key information to get replicated in multiple locations.

Deltek Enterprise Information Management (EIM) provide information management and collaboration solution designed to help architecture, engineering and construction firms capture, store and manage critical firm-wide and project information.

Whether you need to manage vital project information like emails, correspondence, drawings, contracts, photos or firm-wide information beyond the project like HR, marketing, accounting, legal, QA/QC files, Deltek Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions help manage all of this in one central location giving AEC companies the organisation, visibly and project intelligence to run their businesses smarter.

Discover how Enterprise Information Management can enhance your firm’s performance and profitability.