Meet Deltek Dela™, Your New AI-Powered Business Companion

April 15, 2024
Warren Linscott
Warren Linscott
Chief Product Officer
Meet Deltek Dela

Meet Deltek Dela, our new AI-powered intelligent business companion that is revolutionizing project delivery!

At Deltek we strive to incorporate new technologies into our solutions that will add value for our customers–we call this purposeful innovation. Deltek Dela was born out of our purposeful innovation efforts to help our end users be more productive and efficient with our industry-specific solutions. Dela’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities consist of traditional AI (algorithms and machine learning) and generative AI (GenAI) technologies that enhance our product portfolio. Together with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and indexing and search technologies Dela provides powerful AI-driven capabilities in our products and services to make users more efficient and knowledgeable about their business, industry and Deltek solutions.

Whether it's generating smart content, predicting project success, or enabling intelligent exploration, Dela is designed to meet the unique needs of project-based businesses.

Dela’s variety of AI-powered capabilities are built into our portfolio of solutions. Individually, each AI capability has its own role and function, and Dela brings together all of Deltek’s existing and future AI capabilities, under one umbrella.

Deltek Dela

The AI Evolution

The evolution of artificial intelligence has significantly influenced both our personal lives and professional experience. AI has been seamlessly integrated into our daily routines, from digital assistants, like Siri and Alexa, who are simplifying tasks, to personalized recommendations in Netflix and Spotify, shaping our entertainment choices. This convergence of convenience and innovation has fundamentally altered our interactions with technology, setting new expectations in our professional roles. With the maturing of Large Language Models (LLMs) in the last year, we’ve reached a tipping point and have stepped into the post GenAI world, and everything is changing.

In the workplace, GenAI's capabilities have ignited transformations across virtually all industries and professional disciplines. It is changing how we work, the expectations around our productivity and the quality of work we produce. This technology is helping to reduce the learning curve and enhancing user adoption while providing game-changing value and efficiencies.

This shift toward traditional AI and GenAI-driven solutions isn't just about automation; it's about harnessing technology to unlock new possibilities. AI is evolving the workplace into an environment where technology is an enabler, ever-present and ready to help. When implemented properly, AI-driven tools foster an environment where technology harmonizes with users, boosting end user satisfaction, with the goal that employees feel empowered as they navigate their responsibilities.

As AI evolves, it will become further entwined with all aspects of our personal and professional lives. While there is some apprehension around how to use GenAI, the market is very clear; if companies don’t incorporate a mix of traditional and GenAI capabilities into their business model, they too, will eventually become obsolete–like the impact typewriter. This is why Deltek is introducing Dela and increasing our pace of releasing capabilities so that we can bring the power of traditional AI and GenAI features to Deltek Project Nation.

By combining our industry-leading project-based capabilities, 40 years of leadership and Dela, we can help ensure that our project-based customers receive tangible benefits, while remaining competitive in their respective industries when it comes to project delivery and business execution.  


"Dela is more than a digital assistant – rather an intelligent business companion that works behind the scenes within our project-based solutions, empowering Deltek Project Nation to work smarter and more efficiently across the project lifecycle."


Revolutionizing Project Success with Dela

From content creation to improved decision-making, GenAI is creating a revolution, enabling enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to automate routine tasks and deliver valuable insights and predictions. With Dela, Deltek is transforming how project-based businesses operate and modernizing the role ERP solutions play.

While we're just formally announcing Dela, many of the AI capabilities that power Dela have been refining our customers’ business processes for the last several years. From NLP to machine learning and GenAI, Dela enhances productivity and the user experience across industries and businesses of all sizes.

Powered by GenAI, Dela’s digital assistant (the evolution of Hey Deltek) enables Costpoint and Vantagepoint users to interact with their ERP system through intuitive voice or text commands, to quickly retrieve information, perform tasks and get assistance without navigating menus to locate tasks, reports or help documentation. With these enhancements, Dela can answer questions about contracts or projects and even carry out simple tasks like updating a status or emailing a project manager with overdue tasks.  

You can also find Dela powering our Smart Summaries™ offering in GovWin IQ, which also leveragesGenAI. Smart Summaries makes tedious data collection and synopsis effortless by delivering clear, concise executive briefings for federal Agency Profiles, federal Contract Awards and state, local and education (SLED) Government Profiles with the click of a button–eliminating the need for hours of manual research and data collection. This latest innovation transforms what was once a labor-intensive and time-consuming process into a seamless, real-time experience.

But that’s not all; in just a few short months, Dela will also fuel our Deltek Talent Management solution. Starting this summer, Talent users will benefit from several AI advancements, including the ability to shorten the requisition to revenue cycle. Today, there are several steps that users must engage in to fulfill the hiring and onboarding process, from creating a requisition to deploying job postings to sending out emails to potential candidates. With Dela, all these steps can be automated, and additionally, the first draft of content for a job description can be created. Such enhancements will help to streamline recruitment tasks, make recruiter actions more efficient, and free up resources to focus on more critical elements of the hiring process.

This is just the beginning–Dela’s capabilities are integrated into several of Deltek’s other industry-specific solutions including PM Compass, Vantagepoint, Maconomy and Replicon for everything from critiquing the quality of variance reporting to helping enterprise users detect transaction anomalies for review.  We have an extremely active development pipeline across the Deltek portfolio to infuse Dela’s capabilities where they will add value and make users more efficient and more satisfied while using our solutions. Be sure to join our quarterly Town Halls to learn more about how Dela is showing up in your products.


Technology Innovation with a Purpose

Reimagining project success with Deltek Dela

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Our Commitment to Using AI Responsibly

For many project-based businesses, security is paramount–and rightfully so. With the rapid evolution of AI and Deltek’s expanding range of services, we recognize the importance of using AI technology responsibly. We are committed to working with AI partners who respect our customers' privacy and cannot use our customers’ data to train LLMs. Additionally, all customers must opt-in to use of use of Deltek’s AI capabilities when their data is involved.

Although we’ve been diligently working on purposeful innovation for years, there is much more to come. Dela will continue to grow and evolve its AI-fueled capabilities to align with the needs of project-based businesses. As your trusted partner, you can rely on Deltek to prioritize your business needs while safely and securely harnessing the power of AI.