10 Consulting Industry Blogs You Need to Read to Prepare for 2024

December 20, 2023
10 Blogs to Read to Prepare for 2024

The consulting industry is constantly evolving and changing, and staying on top of the latest trends and insights is crucial for anyone wanting to succeed. As a professional working in a consulting firm, reading blogs by industry experts can help you gain valuable knowledge and perspectives.

With that in mind, here are ten must-read consulting industry blogs to help you prepare for 2024.

1. Deltek Clarity Study: Key Challenges, Emerging Trends, and KPIs For Firms in Australia and New Zealand

The Deltek Clarity Industry Study reveals the main priorities and challenges for consulting firms in the Asia Pacific region. The report covers growth strategies, digital transformation, project delivery, talent management and more. Read the blog to learn more and use these insights to prepare for 2024.

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2. Generative AI: 5 Steps to Integrate it into Your Business

AI Strategist Walter Pasquarelli guides you through understanding and applying AI to your business needs. He explains the key concepts, the everyday use cases, the evaluation criteria, the pilot design, and the trust-building strategies for successful AI adoption.

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3. How Your Consultancy Can Strengthen its Cybersecurity Strategy

Cybersecurity is vital to any consultancy business, especially in the digital age. Sean McDermott, CEO and Founder of Windward Consulting, shares his insights on safeguarding your consultancy from cyber threats. He covers risk assessment, data protection, employee training, and incident response topics. Learn from his experience and best practices to ensure your consultancy is resilient and secure.

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4. CFOs: How Linking Your Client, Project and Financial Data Will Benefit You and Your Team

If you are a CFO of a project-based business, you need to link your client, project, and financial data to make better decisions and improve your performance. This blog post shows you how to do that with integrated software solutions that give you a single source of truth for all your data. You will learn how to get complete visibility into your business, project performance and profitability.

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5. How Englobe Uses Deltek Vantagepoint as an Engine for Growth

Englobe is an environmental, geotechnical and materials engineering firm with more than 2,400 employees across the globe. Discover how the firm leverages Deltek ERP to optimize its project management, enhance its workflows, foster teamwork, and boost its profitability.

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6. How to Break Your Consultancy Out of the Service Delivery Mindset

Many consultancies are stuck in a service-delivery mindset, focusing on delivering projects rather than creating value for their clients. This lack of focus on providing value can lead to low margins, high churn, and missed opportunities. To break out of this mindset, consultancies must adopt a value delivery approach, aligning their services with their client's strategic goals and outcomes.

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7. 2023 Professional Services Benchmarks

Understanding key industry benchmarks is essential for consulting firms to evaluate their performance, set targets, understand client needs, manage finances, and gain a competitive advantage. In this blog, SPI founder Dave Hofferberth highlights vital professional services benchmarks, KPIs and trends.

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8. Maximise M&A Value – Get the Insider’s View from Three Professional Services Industry Experts

Experts from Publicis, OPEN and global M&A advisory firm Equiteq share best practices for professional services firms considering mergers or acquisitions. Read the blog to learn more about the current M&A landscape, the drivers and challenges of M&A, the key steps and considerations for a successful deal, and the role of technology in enabling growth and integration.

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9. Building a More Efficient Consultancy: Best Practices for Effective Resource Management

If you can get the right person in the right place with the right skills at the right time, your project performance and customer service will improve. With that in mind, here are four best practices from RMI for better resource management.

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10. Deltek Named an ERP Technology Expert: Delivering Value for Project-Based Businesses of All Sizes

Nucleus Research, a leading provider of ROI-focused technology research, has recognized Deltek as an ERP Expert in its latest ERP Technology Value Matrix. The report evaluates ERP vendors based on their product usability and functionality and the value customers realize from their capabilities.

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