6 Steps to Effective Resource Planning and Revenue Forecasting for Your Agency

Posted by Deltek on March 18, 2021

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Below are some high-level takeaways from our recent webinar, The Secret to Great Resource Planning and Highly Accurate Revenue Forecasting. To learn more about how to get started with resource planning and how to implement optimized revenue forecasting within your business, watch the full webinar.

For agencies – especially those managing a global workforce – the need to optimize resource plans and correctly forecast revenue becomes even more urgent in a challenging economic climate. Here are six steps for agency leaders to take to implement effective resource planning and revenue forecasting.

1) Determine the Right Rhythm of Business

What is the right cadence for your team? Decide which reports are most useful to review weekly, versus which are more effective to evaluate monthly or even quarterly.

2) Set the Right Ownership

Whether it is the project manager, resource manager, or department heads, who is the right person at your company to manage the process? Or you may even need a dedicated planner role in order to guarantee the work gets done.

3) Choose the Right Project Team

It can be tempting to start a project with whomever is available, however it’s critical to have all the right decision makers in the room. By starting with the right team, you’ll save time rather than having to shift people in the middle of a project.

4) Keep It Simple

The number one reason resource planning fails is if it’s not implemented in a simple way. Resource planning is only as strong as the weakest link – keep the process simple so that everyone knows how to do it.

5) Define the Rules of Planning

Try to limit the number of projects that people can work on at a time – precious time is lost when people are forced to switch between too many projects. Limiting the number of projects will result in greater efficiency.

6) Integrate Revenue Forecasting in Planning

By implementing revenue forecasting into your resource planning process, you’ll be able to make better decisions about what projects to take or the best way to utilize your resources efficiently.


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