Elevate Efficiency with an Enhanced Web-Based Experience and Resource Planning Power

November 02, 2023
Regan Riddoch
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Maconomy Enhanced Web-Based Experience and Resource Planning

At Deltek, we’re heavily invested in making our ERP software easy to use without compromising power or quality. With that in mind, at Deltek ProjectCon 2023, we provided insight into our exciting plans to leverage purposeful innovation to make the project lifecycle smarter and Deltek Maconomy even more powerful.

One of the most exciting innovations in Maconomy is the new user experience (UX) designed to make your work easier and more enjoyable. As we continue our phased approach to move to a fully web-based solution in 2024, the latest release of Maconomy version 2.6.2 enhances your user experience by bringing core financial functionality and usability improvements to the Web Client. In addition, this release includes features and enhancements to streamline resource planning and empower your team to achieve unmatched efficiency and productivity. Here are some key highlights of Maconomy 2.6.2:

Enhanced Web Experience

The newly redesigned and reimagined Web Experience is the main interface that supports all roles in your organization. As we work towards making Maconomy a fully web-based solution, this release includes key project accounting functionality core to professional services firms available in the web client.

Web Client
Support for the Accounts Payable process, banking, sales orders, and subscription orders is now available within the Web Client.


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This release extends the usage of Assistants, introduced in version 2.6.1, to other workspaces like Job Revenue Recognition, WIP Evaluation, Job Invoice Allocation, and Invoice Selection.

Assistants are side panels that serve as an easily accessible location for secondary but important information about the current record, transaction, or line.

Streamlined Resource Planning with People Planner 4.5

Maconomy enables you to seamlessly access critical resource planning enhancements in People Planner version 4.5, empowering your team to achieve unmatched efficiency and productivity. Users can now move or resize Gantt Sticks related to Project and Tasks with drag-and-drop timelines which automatically reallocates associated bookings and changes the planned Start/End dates. In addition, users can automatically allocate a given number of hours evenly across the duration of a task for one or multiple resources with a single click, as well as cut, copy and paste existing bookings.

Moving Gantt Sticks
In People Planner 4.5 you can move or resize Gantt Sticks to automatically reallocate associated bookings and change planned Start/End dates.

Regulatory Updates

As with every Maconomy release, version 2.6.2 includes the updates necessary to support customers in following regulatory compliance requirements in their country. This release includes updates to the Pagero integration in preparation for future country integrations and mapping table updates. Additionally, this release includes updated fraud headers to support compliance with MTD (UK Legislation) to reflect HMRC-mandated changes.


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