A&E Industry: 10 Blogs You Need to Read to Prepare for 2023

December 20, 2022
A&E Industry: 10 Blogs to Read to Prepare for 2023

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Have you kept your finger on the pulse of architecture and engineering (A&E) industry trends over the past 12 months? Our team has been busy sharing what you need to know throughout the year. In case you missed any of these important topics, here is a selection of the top blogs from 2022. Make sure they’re on your reading list as you prepare for 2023.

1. Deltek Clarity Study: How Are Architecture & Engineering Firms Across Europe and Asia Pacific Solving Todays’ Business Challenges?

Discover the top trends for architecture and engineering firms in the 3rd Annual Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study, based on insights from 600 decision-makers. Use these insights to prepare for 2023.

Find out more about the trends highlighted in the Deltek Clarity Study »

2. How Architects Can Make the Most of Mobile Devices to Transform Their Productivity

We break down how mobile technology can help architects save time across their entire day by cutting down on low-value tasks like printing out floor plans, typing up hand-written notes and manually filling in time sheets.

Find how mobile technology can enhance your business »

3. Architecture Firm Leaders Share Their Top Tips for Successful Resource Management in a Remote World

We spoke to industry leaders Mark Murphy, Managing Director at Fender Katsalidis, and Scott Huston, Studio Manager at DesignInc Sydney, to learn the key to successful resource management and its effects on their businesses.

Find out their top tips »

4. Global Engineering Firm, Structa, Empowers its Leaders and Engineers with Deltek ERP

Michael Ibbeson, co-founder and CEO of Structa LLP, discusses how the firm established and maintains an unwavering approach to engineering project management by maximizing technology.

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5. How J. Wyndham Prince Improved Efficiency for Itself – and Its Customers – with Deltek ERP

We spoke to Peter Mehl, Project Director at J. Wyndham Prince, to understand why his company chose Deltek Vantagepoint as its new ERP solution, and what benefits the company has seen since making the switch.

Read J. Wyndham Prince’s story »

6. AEC Digital Modernization: 5 Benefits of Cloud ERP

With the rapid pace of change and market unpredictability, many AEC firms are moving to the cloud for improved performance, convenient scalability, and overall time and cost savings. Where does the cloud fit into your IT strategy?

Learn more about how cloud ERP could benefit your business »

7. 3 Ways to Increase Your Architecture Firm’s Profitability – It’s Not All About Winning New Business

Discover three ways that you can increase the profitability of your architecture firm beyond just focusing on winning new business.

See how to apply this in your A&E firm »

8. 5 Mobile Technology Trends Transforming Architecture and Engineering

There are five surprising trends in mobile device adoption across the A&E industry that are transforming how firms operate. In this blog, we explore these trends — and what they mean for firms looking to optimize their productivity.

Learn more about how mobile technology is transforming your industry »

9. A&E Cybersecurity Best Practices: 10 Tips to Reduce Risk & Protect Your Firm

Deltek’s Vice President of Product Management for Cloud Security and Compliance explores 10 ways Architecture and Engineering firms can improve their approach to cybersecurity and project their systems and data.

Find out what Chris Knight had to say about cybersecurity for A&E firms »

10. Finance Best Practice: Three Ways Professional Services Firms Can Manage Project Financials in the Current Economic Climate

How do you manage your project financials in the current economic climate – and ensure you’re responding to the new challenges whilst continuing to deliver profitable projects? Read this blog to find out.

Make sure you continue to deliver profitable projects »


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