Publish Documents Faster and Improve Document Visibility and Markup with the Latest Deltek PIM Release

June 10, 2021
Linda Dininger
Sr. Product Marketing Specialist

Streamlined document publishing, improved document markup and easier access to project information from wherever users are working are just a few examples of improvements in the latest release of Deltek PIM. In this post, you will see an overview of some of the new features included with Deltek PIM 20.1 release.

Over the next several weeks, the Deltek product management team will provide a more in-depth look at these new features that will empower your teams to access and manage documents no matter where the project takes them.

Manage Documents Easier Than Ever Before

Deltek PIM takes managing your files to the next level with Local File Management (LFM) -- the next generation of your PIM Working Files. PIM Working Files allowed users to upload documents into the PIM Document Management System (DMS), as well as manage edits to those documents. Local File Management (LFM) delivers the same functionality along with the following new enhancements to help users save time such as publish documents directly from Windows Explorer, express check-in, work from any browser and more. To learn more, read this blog.

Deltek PIM Local File Management

Intuitive Document Publishing

Enable teams to save documents faster with the new document publishing wizard. Save time by keying in all necessary document details on a single screen. In addition, the tool allows users to more easily search for document pools to simplify publishing. Read more in this blog here.

Deltek PIM Publishing Tool

Browse PIM from Anywhere

Now all users can use the Deltek PIM mobile app to easily view documents, organization and contact records from anywhere. Using filters to quickly find critical information, businesses can improve coordination and collaboration amongst a dispersed workforce. This is the first step of the Deltek PIM mobile journey providing access to critical information to the project team no matter where they are working. Learn more in this blog.

Deltek PIM Mobile Document Viewing

Improved Document Viewing and Markups

Now all PIM users can view any supported file from the Deltek PIM mobile app or their desktop. The new document viewing technology allows teams to stay connected to the project. Additionally, users can more easily markup documents and drawings and add comments from their desktop to provide instant feedback to the larger team. Uncover more in this blog.

Deltek PIM Document Viewing and Markup

Usability Enhancements

One of the key drivers for Deltek PIM is ease of use. With the latest release, there are several usability enhancements that make it even simpler for users to configure their system including a new user interface for the admin zone and two-factor authentication (2FA) to increase security in the mobile app.

As you can see, the latest release is full of exciting new features and powerful enhancements to make publishing, finding and managing documents easier. To learn more, register for the latest Deltek PIM Town Hall. You can also review the Deltek PIM 20.1 release notes for more details.