Get More Flexibility for Work in Progress with Deltek PIM Snapshot Publishing

January 16, 2024
Clive Sewell
Product Manager
Share WIP Progress with Deltek PIM Snapshot Publishing

Managing work-in-progress (WIP) documents and drawings creates unique version control challenges. Users need the flexibility to iterate and share interim drafts of project files with the broader project team. Deltek PIM now empowers users to upload a snapshot of WIP files to increase visibility into up-to-date information while still being able to continue making updates to the original file.

PIM Publish Snapshot Publish snapshot of work in progress files to increase project collaboration

Publishing Snapshots of Files in Deltek PIM

Deltek PIM enables users to check out files to edit them. When a file is checked out, it is locked so that other users cannot make changes to it at the same time. However, some edits may take hours or days to make, meaning the project team may not be aware of updates.

Now, Deltek PIM allows users to publish a snapshot version (a copy of a file at a specific point in time) without formally checking it in. This creates a reference file that the project team can review while the user can continue to edit the file offline. Subsequent snapshots will capture further iterations of that project file.

For project files managed outside of Deltek PIM (i.e., on network directories or in OneDrive), users can publish snapshots of these files to provide greater visibility to the project team while still being able to retain the original WIP file for ongoing development. Once these snapshots are published in Deltek PIM, they benefit from version control, audit trails and approval workflows.

PIM Snapshot DropDown Easily save a snapshot version of a file into Deltek PIM

Increasing Project Collaboration with WIP Snapshots

Regardless of where the original files are stored, Deltek PIM now lets users "have their cake and eat it too" regarding WIP transparency. By making snapshots of WIP project files available, users can share drafts earlier and more consistently, gather valuable feedback, process formal reviews more easily and better support modern digital workflows.


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