Quarterly Town Hall Recap: Empowering Users to Get More out of Deltek PIM

March 30, 2021
Linda Dininger
Sr. Product Marketing Specialist

The Quarterly Town Halls are part of Deltek’s ongoing commitment to keep users updated on the latest releases of their solutions and what’s happening with Deltek. During the Q1 2021 quarterly town hall for Deltek PIM, the product management team shares what to expect in the next release. Attendees will also learn what’s ahead in PIM’s journey towards modern browser technology and resources available to empower users to get the most out of the solution.


Deltek PIM Town Hall Q1 2021

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What’s Coming in Deltek PIM

Product Director Nick Nieder shares what’s coming in the next release of Deltek PIM, including the new document publishing wizard to get your documents into PIM faster, the new mobile live browsing feature that will be available to all PIM users—even without a mobile license, and the new document viewing technology for web and mobile applications. All of these features and more are focused on providing the user an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-use solution.

For more information, be sure to watch this town hall.

Preparing for Modern Browser Technology

Rob Price discusses Deltek PIM’s journey to remove its reliance on Internet Explorer. As we move forward, there are steps that your teams can take to not only prepare for the change in technology, but also revisit internal processes and reengage with your users.

Watch this webinar for more information.

Getting the Most Out of Deltek University

Anna Dixon highlights the changes made to the Deltek Learning Zone (DLZ) that will enable users to find relevant materials fasters so they can further embrace Deltek PIM. New updates and materials are created regularly to enable teams to learn more about the new features and functionality of the solution.

We welcome your feedback on the DLZ portal through [email protected].

Customer Care Update

As part of a recent release, customers running Deltek PIM on their company servers (vs. hosting in the cloud) are able to perform their own upgrades without having to engage Deltek PIM consultants. James Noble provides an update on how customers are responding to this new tool.

For more information on the self-upgrade tool, read this blog. Deltek is here to help you with your first self-upgrade attempt at no charge. To schedule assistance, reach out to [email protected].