KEO Manages Ambitious Projects with Deltek Vantagepoint

June 20, 2023
KEO Manages Ambitious Projects with Deltek Vantagepoint

An Interview with Ayub Ibrahim, CFO, and Shadi Zeid, Business Applications Manager, at KEO

KEO delivers planning, design, engineering, project and construction management, along with many other specialized services from its offices spanning seven countries. In addition, KEO’s allied practices, InSite and C-Quest, provide inspired planning, urban design, landscape architecture and quantity surveying services.

For more than 58 years, the company has contributed to some of the world’s most ambitious projects, iconic places, remarkable experiences, and prosperous communities. The company delivers projects spanning the full range of sectors, from internationally recognized sports stadia to award-winning tall buildings and futuristic master-planned communities. One notable project the company was involved in recently was the construction of four stadiums used for the Men’s Football World Cup hosted in Qatar in 2022.

A Specialized End-to-End ERP Solution for the Industry

A few years ago, KEO found themselves looking for a project-based ERP system to better manage their projects, resources, and financials and after an extensive selection process, Deltek Vantagepoint was the solution of choice. KEO chose Vantagepoint because of its end-to-end capabilities and specialization in the planning, design, engineering, project, and construction management industries.

Deltek Vantagepoint is built specifically for professional services firms and provides a complete view of the company in a single place to drive efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Vantagepoint helps firms like KEO proactively manage projects, streamline accounting processes, increase cash flow, and improve decision-making.

Shadi Zeid, Business Applications Manager at KEO, manages the ongoing usage of Deltek Vantagepoint by enhancing users’ experience through process automation and continuous training, integration with other systems, and implementing best practices. We asked Shadi about the benefits of using the system, “Vantagepoint enables us to automate our business processes and keeps them simple and easy to use. The system offers a number of benefits across key departments, such as project management and finance.”

He continued, “For example, our project managers use Vantagepoint to manage their projects end-to-end, from early-stage planning through to managing time, budgets and resources. They can also track the health of the project, which supports successful project delivery. For our finance team, the system provides an easy-to-use tool to manage the daily accounting activities and for our business managers, the workflows and the approval center provide seamless communication between the teams.”


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The Qatar World Cup Legacy

Across the four of the 2022 World Cup stadiums in Qatar (Al Janoub, Al Bayt, Ahmad Bin Ali and Lusail), KEO operated as construction manager and supervisor, sustainability consultant and project manager as well as provided infrastructure, environmental and environmental compliance services.

Ahmad bin Ali Stadium, Qatar

We asked Ayub what it meant to the company to be involved with such a high-profile project, “The World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events and being involved in the construction of four of its stadiums was a significant achievement and a source of great pride. The global nature of the event meant it was a great opportunity to showcase not only our name, but also our capabilities to a global audience.”

Al Janub Stadium, Qatar

“The project also provided valuable opportunities for professional development for KEO's team members, gaining experience and skills that can be applied to future stadia projects and working with global event governing bodies.”

The Lusail Stadium, Qatar

In addition to the immediate event infrastructure, KEO also played a huge role in the delivery of key transportation networks and commercial developments across Qatar’s capital, Doha, that will be part of the legacy of the tournament for many years to come.

KEO’s involvement extended to the event itself where more than 40 of the Qatar-based staff were World Cup volunteers, offering up their time to help create memories that will last a lifetime.

AL Bait Stadium, Qatar

Growing and Flexing Together

KEO has been using Deltek Vantagepoint for several years and according to Ayub, a key reason for this has been the flexibility of the solution. That flexibility has allowed the company to adapt to changes and challenges by evolving its systems and processes.

“Having a system that is flexible is very important as it allows us to plan with confidence and know that our core ERP platform can support and navigate us through change,” Ayub confirmed.

But it’s also about ongoing partnership and support.

“Deltek’ s team is very supportive, and Deltek Customer Care is responsive and provides the expected first level of support. They work with us as true business partners. Vantagepoint has proven itself in times of change and the Deltek team is always ready to support technically and share knowledge when needed,” says Shadi.


“Deltek is a key partner for us in our digital transformation journey. ”

– Ayub Ibrahim, Chief Financial Officer at KEO


Winning Formula

With KEO winning several awards in their industry what’s their secret? First, it’s about the team and their skillset. Ayub commented, “Construction is a complex and challenging field, and it takes a talented and dedicated team to consistently produce high-quality work that meets clients’ needs and expectations. Being a global multi-disciplinary company, KEO has a team of skilled, innovative architects, designers, engineers, and other professionals collaborating effectively across our divisions to deliver exceptional results.”

It's also about being customer centric. “KEO has a reputation for building meaningful relationships with clients, listening carefully to their needs and concerns, and delivering projects on time and within budget,” says Ayub

Finally, a company's success starts with its leaders. Ayub explained, “KEO has strong, visionary leaders who set clear goals and strategies for the company, and who inspire and motivate their employees to achieve those goals. This is made much easier by having the visibility across our business and projects that Deltek Vantagepoint provides”

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About KEO

KEO delivers planning, design, engineering, project and construction management, and many other specialized services from its offices spanning seven countries. KEO’s allied practices, InSite and C-Quest, provide inspired planning, urban design, landscape architecture and quantity surveying services.