How ITC's digital transformation has helped enhance client offering and improve project delivery

June 08, 2020

ITC is one of the UK’s leading contractors, specialising in refurbishment and fit-out projects. Established in 1992, the company works across the commercial, leisure, healthcare, education and public sectors to deliver industry-leading projects. The client is at the heart of all ITC work, meaning attention to detail and effective communication across all levels is critical.

To help improve efficiencies across its organisation, ITC sought out a solution that could provide enterprise-wide information management. ITC integrated Deltek Project Information Management (PIM) into its day-to-day operations, which has streamlined communications and helped the company continue to deliver exceptional service to each client.

In this interview, John Gale and Nick Conway explain how Deltek help them shape their business.

Deltek: What software was ITC using prior Deltek?

John Gale: We took a strategic look at our systems seven years ago now. I think like many growing businesses, we had many disparate systems and many silos of information. We had seen some real benefits from SharePoint and other options, but we really wanted to look at something that would encompass the whole process, and that is where the conversation started with Deltek.

Deltek: Can you tell us about a specific project that you have run through the Deltek PIM and how that has helped ITC?

Nick Conway: Deltek support us significantly when it comes to the development of our sites and the delivery of our projects. As a main contractor, we will operate on anywhere between 30 to 35 live projects per calendar year. A big part of that is the transparency and the flow of information that sits between our sites and our head office. Historically, that has been handled through receipts in an envelope and postage, etcetera. We now have a live portal that we can utilise, which means that the site manager works on the same platform that our site-based team do, so there's greater interaction, greater transparency and knowledge sharing that is done simultaneously on a day to day basis. That has really been a massive part of us improving the collaboration between our site teams and our office based staff and departments.

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Deltek: What has been the biggest improvement you have seen since using Deltek PIM?

Nick Conway: It has really enabled us to question and look at our own systems, policies and procedures that we had in place before, and how we could develop and improve them. It really highlighted areas where collaborative work would help enhance our client offering and improve our project delivery.

Deltek: What does Deltek get right and what are the key benefits of your relationship with Deltek?

Nick Conway: We think it has really created a platform for us to take a package, a software, a product and shape it to our individual needs. Equally, our needs have changed over the years and our collaboration with Deltek has allowed us to shape and form it into something that is unique to us, to our needs and the needs of our clients. Deltek have created something that is malleable and workable.


"Our collaboration with Deltek has allowed us to shape and form the solution to something that is unique to us, to our needs."

 Nick Conway, Managing Director, ITC


By attending Deltek annual Customer Conferences, we have been able to understand the future plans and how we can look to benefit off the back of that. I think that is definitely something that Deltek get right.

John Gale: Since we engaged with Deltek seven years ago, we have really seen our processes change in every way. As we review them, we consult with Deltek for best practices on how they implement their modules, taking the opportunity to look at how we were doing it and to evolve at place between the two. That process, along with a strong growth ground in the organization, has allowed us to review everything and move forward in this digital transformation.



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About the Author

As ITC’s Managing Director, Nick Conway oversees the project delivery and the company’s commercial operations. John Gale, previously IT Manager, is now ITC’s Business Services Director and is responsible for the development of business goals and objectives through coordinated operational activities.

ITC are a successful contractor specialising in refurbishment and fit out projects. The company delivers exceptional learning spaces for university clients, and unique and contemporary office spaces across private and public property portfolios or environments to provide healthcare, leisure or retail facilities for local communities.