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April 28, 2022

TwitterTweet it:'Site inspections are a critical part of your business. Your team most likely has a long list of checks and balances while onsite, but how much time are they spending when they get back home or to the office?'

Site inspections are a critical part of your business. Your team most likely has a long list of checks and balances while onsite, but how much time are they spending when they get back home or to the office?

In your team’s efforts to accurately locate, assess and report on risks and challenges, they create a large number of photos, annotations and hand-written notes. This information needs to be transferred to a computer and then formatted into an inspection report and filed once back in the office.

This takes time, and the time adds up. There is also the risk of mislabeling or misplacing important notes or photos in the process. This can delay the process and even prevent the report from being completed on time.

Free your team from the hassle of site inspection reports so they can maximize their efficiencies onsite and reduce the manual burden after the site visit. Discover three benefits of Deltek + ArchiSnapper, the architecture and engineering app for site inspection reports.


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1. Save Time and Money for Your Clients

As trusted independent advisors, inspectors must have open and honest communication with their clients. Deltek + ArchiSnapper lets your inspection team share all information in a clear, organized and concise way, helping save clients time and money by avoiding costly misunderstandings or mistakes.

Save time and reduce risk with simple annotations and pointers on photos and plans to communicate challenges clearly, advanced labelling so you can track assignees, due dates, location pointers, and observation status, and utilize speech to text features for easy documentation.

2. Reduce Risk with Standardized Digital Checklists

Your team operates to the highest standards, ensuring worksites comply with safety regulations and quality standards for work and materials. This includes an exhaustive list of construction-specific checks, so generic checklist solutions just don’t work.

Deltek + ArchiSnapper is explicitly designed for assessing compliance, workmanship and material quality on-site, helping your inspection team to assess conditions quickly and accurately. Your team can convert paper checklists or spreadsheets into smart, standardized inspection forms in a matter of minutes from anywhere. The application works with or without internet access and it automatically generates the site inspection report after each site inspection.

3. Communicate Clearly with Pre-structured, Pre-branded Reports

One of the most crucial elements of an inspector’s role is reporting findings and potential risks to clients clearly and concisely. Deltek + ArchiSnapper can also help here, with templates that make it easier to populate clear, readable and professional reports. Your team is able to build reusable report templates that instantly populate fields with the results of site inspections, as well as customize pre-made templates to build personalized, professional PDFs quickly. Plus, ArchiSnapper + Deltek pulls all inspection information into reports automatically, from planning information to deficiencies with pictures, text, location pointers on floor plans, and more.

AEC Mobile Modernization

By focusing on simplicity and ease of use, Deltek + ArchiSnapper has helped more than 10,000 AEC professionals eliminate the busywork of site inspections, while improving quality, consistency and accuracy. To learn more about ArchiSnapper and if it fits into your technology innovation strategy, start a free trial or drop us a line at [email protected].

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