Deltek Customers: Why UMC Architects Chose PIM

Posted by Deltek on April 5, 2019

Deltek customers

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UMC Architects support their commitment to delivering “best in class” services as they introduce Deltek PIM for project information management.

Why UMC Architects Chose Deltek PIM


"With a product that looks to evolve as we do, we very much look forward to working with Deltek over the coming years."

Matthew Duffin, Director



Powered by an ethos of continuous improvement and development, UMC Architects are committed to providing a “best in class” service to their clients, which is tailored, flexible and adaptable. With the understanding that every project is different and often unpredictable, they required a solution capable of managing the deluge of project information, with complete traceability and in a secure digital environment.

UMC Architects approached Deltek with the challenge of implementing a single, integrated web based platform that will give full visibility over project information, across the company.

With the view to implementing Deltek PIM, UMC Architects will benefit from proactive email management, simplified document management, organised drawings and improved file sharing, allowing them to save valuable time, as well as improving collaboration and efficiency.

What Is PIM?

A Project Information Management (PIM) strategy and system offers an efficient and easy way of managing your project information. Your PIM strategy can, and should, cover all of the information created and shared as part of your projects. Whether you are an architect, engineer, construction consultant or contractor, having PIM in place will assist in the smooth running of your projects. ( Find out more on the blog: 'What Is PIM?' ).

About UMC Architects

UMC Architects are an owner-operated company, providing their clients with a 'best in class' service, focusing on the industrial sector. From their bases in the Midlands, Manchester and London, they serve clients and projects throughout the UK, mainland Europe and the Middle East and include property developers, funders, end-users, occupiers and contractors.

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