Infographic: The Value Of ERP Designed For Project-Based Businesses

Posted by Stephanie Salguero on April 13, 2018

value of ERP

What Is Project-Based ERP?

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. Project-based ERP is a core system to manage the end-to-end business flows for firm’s who deliver projects as their primary business operation. Integrating: business information, including finance/accounting, customer relationship management, management accounting, procurement, human resources, budgeting, and project delivery.


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Understanding The True Value Of Project-Based ERP

Traditional ERP systems were developed to support the needs of the manufacturing industry and don't satisfy the requirements of today's project-based companies. Businesses operating around projects have their own distinct needs and requirements, and – fundamentally – must be able to view their business in three dimensions; they need to have complete control, visibility and maximum efficiency of every element of their project operations, costs and resources. 

Get to grips with the real value of ERP designed for project-based businesses with our infographic below:

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