Boost Visibility, Automation and Usability with the Latest Vantagepoint Update

October 09, 2023
Megan Miller
Director of Product Marketing
Boost Visibility, Automation and Usability with Vantagepoint

As a Deltek Vantagepoint user, your people and your projects are at the heart of your business and at Deltek, our passion is to make it easier for you to power your project success. With each new release of Vantagepoint, we are focused on automation, visibility and accuracy so you can spend more time focused on what you do best – delivering successful projects and managing your business.

In the latest release of Vantagepoint, there are new features and enhancements that continue to take project management, automation and visibility to the next level. Over the next few months, we’ll take a deeper dive into some of the latest enhancements, but keep reading to get a glimpse into what’s new.

Get Clear Visibility into Key Performance Indicators with KPI Dashparts

Every firm has targets and wants to continuously monitor progress toward those targets. Now with Vantagepoint, firm leaders can have clear visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs) or other key metrics. And, firms can compare progress toward targets for those metrics. These new KPI dashparts make it easier than ever to see how the business is performing without spending hours sifting through reports. Quickly see the status of critical KPIs at the firm or project manager level and drill into more detail where needed with the “drill to” capability available on the KPI dashparts.

KPI DashpartMonitor business performance with KPI dashparts

Ensure Workflows are Moving Forward with Dashboard Enhancements

Dashboards are the fastest and easiest way for teams to get a pulse on what’s happening in the business and there are more improvements to the dashboards to make it even easier to find bottlenecks and identify progress.

Want to know what has been paid to your consultants on a project? Now project managers (PMs) and project accountants can have better visibility into accounts payables (AP) details associated with project expenses. They will know what has been paid to consultants and what the remaining balance is on the project.

Struggling to get timesheets submitted on time? Leverage the new timesheet floor check dashpart. Timesheet administrators can quickly see if direct reports have started their timesheets and quickly send reminders to staff that haven’t started yet.

Need to calculate some numbers in a specific date range? Sometimes you need to run numbers on a subset of data for a specific date range to help answer a question or solve a problem. Now with the improved dashpart calculations, you can get the results you want on a specific dashpart by first filtering records to a specific set of records and dates and then calculating your results on just those filtered amounts. For example, you can create a column filtered to the current period revenue and another column filtered to revenue for the previous 12 months and now you can create a calculation of the current revenue as a percent of the preceding 12 months.

Worried dashboards will give users access to data they shouldn’t have? Field-level security is still honored within the dashboard and new column-level security allows administrators to ensure information is only available to the right users in the company.


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Simplify Project Planning with Critical Path for Plans and More Granular Plan Details

Easily Identify Project Critical Path

When it comes to managing project schedules, an impact to one task can have a significant impact on the overall project schedule. In every project schedule, there are work items that, if delayed, will impact the project completion date and are considered part of the project critical path. In Vantagepoint, project managers now have the option to view the project critical path in the project plan so if there are changes or impacts to the schedule, it is easier to identify how it will impact project completion.

Critical PathMonitor impacts to schedules with project critical path

Plan Expenses and Consultants in Calendar Periods

Some projects have a relatively simple project schedule while others are more complex and require more granularity. Project managers can plan expenses and consultants in more detail to create more accurate plans, but they don’t have to on every project. Vantagepoint gives PMs the flexibility to turn on or off calendar periods with sub-rows for a specific project without adding unnecessary complexity to projects that don’t.

Expenses Consultants CalandarTurn on or off calendar periods with sub-rows as needed

Expedite Labor Planning

It’s now easier for project managers to quickly enter labor plans. PMs can fill a set number of hours per day or a percentage of an employee’s hours per day in a specific date range. For example, if an employee is going to work on the same project for the next four weeks, the PM can set the plan to have maybe two hours per day every day for those four weeks rather than entering two hours in each day.

Automate Time Consuming AP Processes with ICR Technology

Managing accounts payables (AP) can be time-consuming and tedious. Now Vantagepoint automates the creation of AP invoice approval records with intelligent character recognition (ICR) technology. Uploading a document now auto-populates key data on the AP voucher record, not only eliminating manual data entry of AP invoice details, but also improving the approval review process for project managers and accounting staff.

AP Invoice ApprovalsQuickly capture key data with intelligent character recognition (ICR) technology

Improve Usability with Top-Requested Improvements

Vantagepoint users are constantly sharing suggestions and voting for other user ideas through the Deltek Idea Portal. This release delivers several top-requested improvements to make it easier for users to get the most out of Vantagepoint.

Vantagepoint in Dark Mode

Users don’t all have the same preferences, especially when it comes to how they set up their computer preferences. Now, each Vantagepoint user can choose if they want to use the new Dark Mode option for their display. Each user can override the default system settings in ‘My Preferences’ to make it easier to view Vantagepoint in the way that works best for them.

Dark PathVantagepoint users can turn on new Dark Mode option

Simplify Timesheet Entry

Two of the top voted ideas in the Idea Portal are focused on timesheet entry. Now timesheets can be pre-populated with holiday hours, saving extra steps for the end users. Users will also receive a warning if they are entering hours in a different timesheet period than the current period, improving timesheet accuracy and reducing user frustration. And, both of these improvements are supported in the Deltek Vantagepoint Time & Expense mobile app.

Edit Scheduled Reports

Another popular request is the ability to edit scheduled reports. Users can now edit scheduled reports as needed to adapt to the changing needs of the business without having to recreate the reports. With the right security access, users can make changes to the scheduled report recipients or edit the body of the email. Report options and search criteria can also be adjusted, giving companies the flexibility they need to share key reports with the right people.

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If you want a more in-depth look at any of the Vantagepoint 6.5 enhancements, be sure to check out the latest release notes, watch the Deltek Vantagepoint Quarterly Town Hall and check out the Deltek Learning Zone.


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