Access Documents Outside of Deltek PIM and Export Documents More Easily with the Latest Release

March 31, 2022
Linda Dininger
Sr. Product Marketing Specialist

Accessing documents outside of Deltek PIM, exporting documents to share with third parties and a modern design applied to the rest of the solution are just a few examples of improvements in the latest release of Deltek PIM. In this post, learn how you can take advantage of the latest release to increase user adoption across your business.

Over the next several weeks, the Deltek product management team will provide a more in-depth look at these new features that will empower your teams to more easily access and manage documents.

Access Network Folders and OneDrive Files through PIM Universal Document Control

Deltek PIM manages all project and corporate emails, documents and drawings. However, some businesses need to manage certain files within network folders and now also OneDrive. Deltek PIM users now can leverage the search and index power of Deltek PIM to network folders and OneDrive for project-related and corporate information.   

Universal Document Control (UDC) connects network folders to Deltek PIM and can now connect OneDrive files to PIM, providing a holistic view of all project documents, drawings and other project-related files, making files managed outside of Deltek PIM easier to find. For more information, read this blog.

PIM Universal Document Control (UDC)

Easily Export and Remove Documents

Deltek PIM can now better support company retention policies and dispute resolutions. The document export and removal tool, users can export documents associated with projects, organizations, contacts or enquiries to share with third parties. Exported documents are organized into familiar, easy-to-navigate folders. Additionally, users can schedule the removal of project documents once the retention timeframe has expired, decreasing the manual effort required to maintain and remove project documents in the future.

PIM Document Export and Removal Tool

Monitor Company Usage to Identify Opportunities for Growth

New reports and charts are available to help system administrators ensure that users are taking advantage of PIM. These easy-to-digest charts and grids provide clear insight into logins, document publishing activities, document pool usage and more to help identify opportunities for improvement across the business.

PIM Usage Grid

Experience a New Modern Interface throughout the Solution

To further expand on the recent developments in Deltek PIM, the updated user interface has been expanded into all areas of the system. This modern interface provides easier-to-understand navigation for all PIM users.

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As you can see, the latest release is full of exciting new features and powerful enhancements to make accessing and managing documents easier. To learn more, watch the on-demand Deltek PIM Customer Town Hall recording. You can also review the Deltek PIM 21.0 release notes for more details.