Drill into the Details that Matter Most with Vantagepoint’s Enhanced Dashboards

June 21, 2021
Ellen Keeley
Product Director

Vantagepoint Dashboards empower project managers by giving them quick and easy access to essential project information all in one place.  With the latest release, there is more information available to add to dashboards and easier ways to quickly find the detail behind the project totals all from within Vantagepoint Dashboards.

Provide More Project-Centered Dashparts with the Project Detail Base

The latest Vantagepoint release introduces the new project detail base available when creating chart and table dashparts.  This new base provides improved visibility into the details that make up project totals. This base contains all the transactions entered on a project along with important transaction information you may want to know.  This includes things like transaction type (where the transaction originated), billing status (i.e., billable, partial hold), detail group (i.e., labor, direct expense) and if it is a labor transaction that has been transferred.

Using the powerful dashpart functionality, users can create dashparts to view information important at a point in time.  A project manager dashboard can provide a list of their assigned projects with draft invoices information alongside the billable detail included on those invoices.  Another dashpart can list the details of transactions that have been recently transferred to their project, empowering the project manager to identify errors early in the billing review process. 

Vantagepoint Dashboards

Do you want to find out more about the Project Detail Base?  Vantagepoint makes it easy to get to the detailed help for a base from within the Select Columns dialog in the Dashpart Designer.  Click on the help icon to open a new tab with the specific base help topic.

Vantagepoint Dashpart Builder


"Dashboards are my favorite part of Vantagepoint. We can use them to control what type of information is delivered to help project managers focus on the information important to them – and the dashboard filters make it even easier."

Colleen Frolich, Manager of Information Systems at McCormick Taylor


Focus on What Matters with Dashboard Filters

Sometimes project managers and business leaders need to narrow their focus on what needs the most attention at the current time and quickly find the relevant information.  Now users can filter the dashparts based on additional criteria so they can focus on one project or a subset of projects to dig into the details of a particular challenge or highlight a bright spot in the company. 

For example, a project manager is reviewing draft invoices and their dashboard will include all the projects they manage.  Using the dashboard filter, the project manager can select the specific project(s) to include on the dashboard or use Vantagepoint’s powerful search functionality to identify the criteria of the projects to be included.  By selecting specific projects to view, the information on the dashboard can be easily reviewed.

Vantagepoint Dashboard Project Views

Dashboard filters are not limited to project information.  Users can filter a dashboard by project, account or employee providing users the ability to quickly filter to whatever subset of records makes the most sense.

To add a dashboard filter, select Options in the top bar (formally List View), select the desired dashboard and select the filter to be used.  Options is also the place where users can control the order that dashboards appear on the menu through a simple click and drag to reorder.

Vantagepoint Dashboard Options

If your role provides access to editing dashboards in Vantagepoint, check out this new functionality today and start empowering your employees.