Consulting Industry: 10 Blogs You Need to Read to Prepare for 2023

December 21, 2022
10 Consulting Blogs to Read to Prepare for 2023

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The team at Deltek has been keeping an eye on trends and challenges affecting the consulting industry over the past 12 months and sharing what we’ve found on our blog. Take a look at a selection of the top blogs from 2022 covering industry research, best practice tips and how to succeed in a changing business landscape.

1. Research and Insights Firms: Increase your Resilience and Profitability with These Three Steps from ESOMAR and AIDA

How can you be sure you’re making the most of the digital solutions available to maximize your profitability and resilience? With the help of members of ESOMAR and the Australian Data and Insights Association (ADIA), we’ve identified three steps to help research and insight companies protect their business – and their profits – in these uncertain times.

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2. Rely on the Research to Grow Your Consulting Firm in 2022

Kelly J. Waffle, Managing Director of the Hinge Research Institute talks about how the results from the 2022 Hinge High Growth Study can help you to face current challenges, identify opportunities and grow your consulting firm.

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3. Three Critical Consulting Moves for 2022

Andy Jordan from Roffensian Consulting discusses three critical consulting moves to put your firm in a position to make the most of 2022. This content is still relevant as we move into 2023. Keep a lookout for the updated version which is on its way!

Find out what moves you should be making as you prepare for 2023 »

4. Key Advantages for High Growth Consulting Firms: Part 1 (Technology and Talent)

The 2022 Hinge High Growth Study surveyed over 450 consulting firms, including some of the fastest growing firms in the world. The results identified four key advantages that stood out for successful high growth consulting firms vs their no growth peers: Technology, Talent, Marketing, and Strategy. In this blog we break down two of those advantages, Technology and Talent.

Dive into how high growth consulting firms are capitalizing on technology and talent »

5. Consulting Market Growth: How Consultancy Firms Can Excel in 2022 and Beyond

Deltek teamed up with Dave Hofferberth from Service Performance Insight (SPI) to take a deep dive into its professional services benchmark report, exploring the trends and challenges facing consulting firms.

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6. 5 Characteristics of Highly Profitable Consulting Firms

As the market continues to evolve and shift, 2022 was projected to be a year of substantial growth for many firms. In this blog we break down the five key characteristics that are common within a highly profitable consulting firm.

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7. Learn how Tonkin Consulting’s CFO gets more from data and drives financial efficiency with Deltek ERP

Baseel Mohammed, Chief Financial Officer at Tonkin Consulting talks about how implementing Deltek Vantagepoint enabled the company to futureproof its digital growth, simplify billing and offer a single source of truth for their 150+ employees.

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8. 4 Steps to Take to Build a Sustainable Consulting Firm

The sustainability consulting market is projected to grow to $16 billion by 2027! Learn about the four steps that consulting firms can take to start being more sustainable and increase profitability at the same time.

Dive into the 4 steps you need to take to build a sustainable consulting firm »

9. How Your Consultancy Can Strengthen its Cybersecurity Strategy

Cybersecurity expert and CEO and Founder of Windward Consulting talks about why focusing on cybersecurity is essential and how you can project your firm from the increasing likelihood of being on the receiving end of a security breach.

Learn more about how you can strengthen your cybersecurity strategy »

10. How to Improve Profit Margins for Your Consulting Services

Benchmark your firm’s profitability against others in the consulting industry and find out why revenue forecasting, visibility and supporting your core business functions with the right software are crucial.

Benchmark your firm against your peers and start improving your profit margins »


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