The Art of Decision-Making: How the Deltek Idea Portal Shapes the Deltek PIM Roadmap

November 29, 2023
Nick Nieder
Nick Nieder
Senior Director, Product Management
PIM and Idea Portal

Deltek is constantly seeking better ways to help firms manage project information, as professional services firms are exploring ways to improve access to and sharing of documents and drawings among their project teams. One way Deltek PIM users can help shape how that project information is delivered is through the Deltek Idea Portal.

The Deltek Idea Portal is an online tool that allows you to submit ideas for new features or enhancements, as well as vote for and comment on other user ideas. Your feedback helps Deltek continue to develop products that you love, shaping product roadmaps that are in tune with your needs and expectations, and fostering the best of business innovation.

How Your Ideas Influenced Recent Releases

When making complex decisions, it is often said it becomes an art rather than a science. With the Deltek Idea Portal, we get a great foundation for our wider product strategy decisions. The feedback submitted through the Deltek Idea Portal has transformed how we focus the Deltek PIM roadmap, having shaped the two releases in 2023.

Deltek PIM 22.0 introduced PIM Teamwork, which empowers file sharing and collaboration with external project team members. The feedback garnered from our Deltek PIM users through the Idea Portal helped us deliver what our customers needed.

In October, Deltek PIM 23.0 included two significant elements that received a significant number of votes in the Deltek Idea Portal: 1) the introduction of image mode and 2) the regeneration of action management for system administrators.  The new image mode displays large thumbnails, thus making it easier for users to find, select and use these files in their daily work. The new action management dashboard allows system administrators to manage tasks better.

But not all ideas have to be large. The trend we have seen is the amount of small usability enhancements generated in the Idea Portal that may have a big impact. So, whether it be improvements to force document check in, management of delegated approvals or improved filtering in the usage charting, small but mighty feature improvements are making their way into the release roadmap.

Shaping the Future Deltek PIM Roadmap

As the PIM product strategy team completes planning for 2024, Deltek is excited to share how the Idea Portal is shaping upcoming releases. Deltek PIM’s 2024 roadmap is focused on modernizing email management. We will share more details during the Q4 2023 Deltek PIM Customer Town Hall in your region (ANZ, EMEA, North America).

Additionally based on user-submitted ideas and votes raised, the PIM product strategy team will also be working on enhancements to how office files are displayed and the usability of the document management system and document superseder.


The Future of Deltek PIM

Watch the Q4 2023 Town Hall to learn more about the future of Deltek PIM

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