Monitor Company Usage in Deltek PIM to Identify Opportunities for Growth

June 27, 2022
Clive Sewell
Product Manager

You invested in Deltek PIM to help run your business, but how well are your teams embracing the product and is there room for improvement? In the latest release, Deltek PIM developed easy-to-read charts to help company administrators understand how teams are using the system. By uncovering what areas of Deltek PIM are under-utilized, administrators can develop targeted plans to help teams get more out of the solution to increase efficiency and save time.

Monitor System Activity

The first step to identifying areas for improvement is to evaluate how the system is being used today as a benchmark. How are your teams using Deltek PIM today? Are they logging in regularly? Are they publishing emails and documents? If so, which document pools are they using?

  Monitor Company Usage in Deltek PIM to Identify Opportunities for Growth

Take this evaluation a step further by easily identifying your power users and infrequent users in any of these same categories. Then reach out to those power users to uncover the benefits they are seeing that could help who have not fully engaged with the product. Or you can have one-on-one discussions with the infrequent users to identify their pain points of using the system so that you can develop a targeted approach to increase their interaction with the system.

  Monitor Company Usage in Deltek PIM to Identify Opportunities for Growth

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Determine Most Used Documents Pools

Evaluate which document pools are used most often within a particular timeframe. Through easy-to-use filters, administrators can determine where emails and/or documents are published, as well as which document pools are being accessed to read those emails and documents. By evaluating these data points, administrators can identify which document pools are either under-utilized or unnecessary altogether. As a result, is training required to help users publish documents against the appropriate document pools? Or is there an opportunity to clean up the system by deleting document pools that are no longer required?

  Monitor Company Usage in Deltek PIM to Identify Opportunities for Growth

Further Improve Internal Processes

Interested in helping your business further streamline processes? The Deltek PIM Optimization Workshop (POW) was designed to help your business maximize your return on investment. The workshop includes an experienced Deltek consultant working closely with you to develop recommendations for enhancing your use of PIM’s functionality.


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