Making Accounting Firms and Their Clients More Successful: How Deltek Solutions Can Benefit Your Business

May 11, 2021

As an Accountant, you make critical financial decisions for your clients every day, so investing in the right accounting solution not only benefits your business but theirs too. And given the many options available, the process can be overwhelming and, at times, daunting. Deltek solutions are designed to help you better serve your clients, maximize growth and increase profitability.

Our leading industry-specific solutions, modern technology platform and award-winning customer support allow Accounting firms like yours—regardless of size—real-time visibility into your business, advanced reporting capabilities and timely decision-making abilities.

When it comes to supporting your firm, our solutions not only help manage your project-based business but are also an important factor in helping your clients be more successful.

Purpose-Built Products

Deltek recognizes that Accounting firms, particularly larger firms, align their resources (practice staff, partners, etc.) to specific industries to provide customized services to their clients. Would you want a tax advisor or wealth management professional working on your account if they didn’t understand the industry you work in?  Probably not. 

Our project-based solutions are filled with features designed specifically for the industries we serve—professional services and commercial—with the ability to track project costs to any level. With Deltek, you don’t have to come up with creative workarounds to meet your customer’s accounting needs; instead, our solutions are designed to meet their requirements right out of the box.

When it comes to the professional services industry, Deltek understands how Accounting firms are client and engagement-focused and why successful engagements are key components for a positive client relationship. Deltek ERP is a financial management solution that provides deep financial insight so that you can see profitability for your firm, project or client; and is 100% designed to support firms within the professional services industry.

We’ve invested heavily in making our enterprise solution work effectively for firms that value and prioritize project delivery and understand the client’s perspective. With Deltek ERP, we continue to deliver solutions that meet your project-based business needs. As a Deltek ERP user, you can view all KPIs and metrics for your clients and engagements in real-time, in one system, with a single version of the truth, from the general ledger right down to the sub-ledger.

Whether you are managing your accounting needs to ensure costs are properly charged to contracts or maintaining a client’s entire contract accounting function, Deltek’s deep history of helping clients meet regulatory and compliance requirements in the professional services industry will help keep your firm running smoothly.

Powering Project Success

No matter what industry you support, Deltek has scalable software and information solutions that grow and adapt to help you achieve and consistently maintain superior levels of project intelligence. With Deltek, you can find the right opportunities, comply with industry rules and regulations and give your clients the tools they need to manage more successful, profitable engagements.


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By choosing Deltek for your ERP software needs, you can be confident our project-based solutions will help you manage your business more efficiently and effectively. Interested in learning more? Contact us to connect with a Deltek expert.