How an Integrated ERP and Talent Solution Can Help You Hire Faster, Decrease Turnover and Increase Engagement

November 29, 2023
Dinah Ribarsky
Dinah Ribarsky
Product Marketing Manager
How an Integrated ERP and Talent Solution Can Help

Many companies are using best-of-breed software solutions to manage various aspects of their business – including recruiting, retaining and engaging their talent – all to successfully pursue and deliver on their projects. However when multiple systems are involved in managing critical workforce data, challenges inevitably arise –  data inefficiencies, redundancy and inaccuracies can ultimately waste time, resources, and affect your firm’s ability to effectively perform. What if those solutions could share up-to-date data to eliminate the re-entering of critical information into multiple systems, and automate important business tasks to streamline operations and minimize inefficiencies?

With Deltek Unionpoint,  this level of automation is a reality—made possible with our integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that seamlessly syncs ERP data, talent data, and more. Deltek Unionpoint  expands connectivity options by simplifying the development and deployment of integrations across a vast range of applications. Whether you'd like to connect our industry-specific products to one another or between other external solutions, the platform enables you to deliver a more cohesive experience to your team.

Understanding that Architecture & Engineering (A&E) firms in particular require efficient solutions to maximize their project success, Deltek has utilized the Unionpoint productized integration to specifically connect Deltek Vantagepoint and Deltek Talent Management solutions together. This tight, robust integration is built and maintained by Deltek, making it easier for your business to save time and reduce the errors that occur from manual or duplicative data entry. One powerful use case for this integration is that when employee information is entered in Talent Management, it will also automatically populate in your Vantagepoint solution, allowing project managers to staff projects faster by leveraging the most up-to-date resource data.

For those businesses interested in even more connection opportunities within their application ecosystem, Unionpoint is also built to expand connectivity options for citizen integrators (non-technical users) looking to automate workflows in other ways. By purchasing the platform, A&E firms can further customize application integrations to their specifications. By delivering connection opportunities that can be tailored to the unique needs of your business, Unionpoint empowers firms to streamline the transfer of information, save time, and avoid errors that inevitably occur when manually entering and updating data in multiple systems. 


Maximize the Power of Connectivity

Leverage Unionpoint to Build Integrations with Vantagepoint

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Better Manage Your Workforce

According to the most recent Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study, firms are experiencing a near 14% employee turnover rate, with that figure rising steadily since 2020. With today’s challenges in acquiring and retaining talent, it’s more important than ever that project-based businesses transform the way they manage their workforce. In this environment, Deltek Talent Management is the ultimate tool for project-based architecture and engineering firms to successfully attract, engage and retain their most valuable asset – their people. And now with Unionpoint, you can more easily integrate Talent Management with your Vantagepoint solution.

Eliminate Manual Processes and Duplicative Entry

With the productized Unionpoint integration for Vantagepoint and Talent, users can benefit from an integration that automatically updates Vantagepoint resource pools with new hire and onboarding data, updated employee information, and termination information. This integration will eliminate manual processes and duplicative entry, and give customers the option to make Talent Management the system of record for all employee information.

Create Your Own Integrations

Without the tools needed to connect data from different systems or create time-saving workflows, your critical business information is likely to remain siloed. With the Unionpoint platform, the sky’s now the limit for developing integrations built to your specifications. Whether you’re a citizen integrator yourself or a business leader looking to get the most out of your systems, Unionpoint’s no-code/low-code platform will arm your team with the tools needed to develop and deploy connectors that best serve the unique needs of your business.

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