Improve Project Collaboration with External Team Members with Deltek PIM Teamwork

April 26, 2023
Improve External Project Team Collaboration with Deltek PIM Teamwork

By: Rob Baker

Project team coordination is vital to project success and every project requires collaboration with teaming partners outside your company. Your internal teams are often coordinating all aspects of your projects with internal and external teams to keep projects on track. But how are your teams collaborating? Are they sharing files through email, Dropbox or other third-party file sharing platforms?

Introducing Deltek PIM Teamwork

With Deltek Project Information Management (PIM), project-based businesses can capture and organize emails, documents and drawings from wherever they are working ─ in the office, on a project site or even at home. And now with the PIM Teamwork module, you can invite external team members into project and enquiry records, giving them access to view, download and upload documents and drawings in one place ─ to help your teams deliver more successful projects.


Streamline File Sharing

PIM Teamwork enables project teams to easily share documents and drawings with external project team members from a single location, eliminating lost emails and the need for third-party file sharing platforms. Deltek PIM users can invite external users to PIM Teamwork through a simple, one-time signup process, allowing those external users access to a simplified ‘Teamwork Documents’ tab to access files within the projects to which they have been invited. PIM Teamwork external users only get access to files held within document pools where they have Read Access provided.

PIM Teamwork Landing Page - external user Empower external users to collaborate on multiple projects and enquiries.

Boost Project Team Collaboration

One key component for collaboration is enabling access to documents and drawings for external users. PIM Teamwork enables you to invite external project team members to easily find, view and download the latest versions of documents and drawings, empowering teams to be more efficient and effective.

PIM Teamwork Documents Enable external users to view project documents and drawings.

Gain Greater Project Visibility

Another key collaboration component the ability for external users to upload their new or updated files to specific projects to help keep projects moving forward. Files can easily be added through the file browser or can be ‘dragged and dropped’ onto the File Upload page. Deltek PIM then auto-completes key information such as title, revision and detail information fields. The external user can adjust any of these fields before publishing the files into Deltek PIM.

PIM Teamwork File Upload Allow external teams to easily upload new and updated files.

Before publishing files, external users can add version comments or attach an issue sheet.

Maintain File Control

Deltek PIM users can set security levels to the document pools that external users can access, ensuring that your broader system files are protected. Additionally, once external users have uploaded their files, internal Deltek PIM users need a method to manage the influx and maintain control of the files that are included within your PIM system. PIM Teamwork provides a view for internal users to review these files before making them viewable by the broader team.

PIM Teamwork Incoming Files Enable internal users to review uploaded files before publishing them into Deltek PIM.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

PIM Teamwork provides 24/7 access to project documents and drawings from anywhere for all users. To ensure the best experience for the diverse teams with whom a company is working, there is no limit to the number of external teaming partners that you can invite into your projects.

Easy to Get Started

PIM Teamwork is easy to set up and is pre-configured to make it simple and fast to get up and running and to invite external team members to collaborate with your internal project teams. Alongside this, all areas accessible to external users are designed to be simple, streamlined and intuitive so that there is no barrier to entry for anyone who hasn’t used Deltek PIM before. There are also ‘Getting Started’, self-serve training materials provided via a dashpart for any PIM Teamwork user when they login to their Personal Zone.

With Deltek PIM Teamwork, your teams can spend less time sorting through emails and managing files in multiple locations and spend more time collaborating on and delivering projects.


Introducing Deltek PIM Teamwork

Learn more about how this module facilitates better collaboration in this webinar.

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About the Author

Since 2015, Rob Baker is a product manager for the Deltek PIM product. With a degree in architecture and a background in CAD software and web development, he provides a unique perspective on how clients need to engage with information and collaborate on project documents and drawings to maximize productivity.