Easily Manage Document Removals and Exports

April 12, 2022
Nick Nieder
Nick Nieder
Senior Director, Product Management

In the latest release, Deltek PIM introduces a new document export/removal tool to make sharing information to third parties easier and to better support corporate retention policies. With this new tool, users have the option to export or export and remove documents from Deltek PIM.

Deltek PIM Document Removal and Export Tool

Share Exported Documents with Third Parties

Users can easily share documents with third parties by exporting a subset of documents or all documents associated with a project, organization, contact or enquiry. The exported files are organized in a familiar, easy-to-navigate folder structure that mimics the PIM pool structure.

Deltek PIM Share Docs with Third Party

Remove Documents from the System

Deltek PIM was designed to keep a record of all information in a single location. However, there are instances where documents need to be removed from the system. Examples include a user accidentally uploaded confidential information or an HR department needs to delete documents associated with a specific employee. Users with the correct security permissions can permanently delete these files from the system. Note: PIM will first export a copy of the documents before permanently removing them from the system.

Deltek PIM Export and Remove

Schedule Document for Future Removal

From within a project record, users can save time by scheduling a specific date for document removal. When a project is complete, for example, use the document removal tool to schedule the future removal of those documents. A few weeks before the scheduled activity, a reminder email will be sent stating that the documents will be removed soon and to act now if any changes need to be made.

Deltek PIM Schedule Doc Removal

Manage Scheduled Activity

All exports and removals will take place outside of business hours, as set by the system administrator, to ensure that your business will not experience any performance issues. System administrators can configure how many weeks in advance an alert is sent ahead of scheduled activities, as well as where exported files are located. If a scheduled activity hasn’t started, system administrators can cancel export/removal activity.

Deltek PIM Scheduled Export List