One Year Later: How Deltek + ArchiSnapper Is Powering the A&E Industry

August 19, 2022
ArchiSnapper Is Powering the A&E Industry

In August of last year, Deltek announced it acquired ArchiSnapper, an easy-to-use app that makes field work easier and faster with paperless inspections, automated field reports and simplified punch lists. Now part of our robust portfolio of A&E solutions, Deltek + ArchiSnapper, helps architects focus on what matters most ─ eliminating tedious busywork to save time and generate professional field reports.

"Since ArchiSnapper joined Deltek, we've benefitted from the organization's talent and experience. As a result, we've established a good development and support team ─ which is crucial for delivering a high-quality product that meets our customers' needs and keeps up with the industry," said Jeroen De Paepe, co-founder of ArchiSnapper and Senior Director of Product Marketing at Deltek. "It's even a better product than it was one year ago."

ArchiSnapper has come a long way, from when they started to where the company is today. From only selling to architects and construction companies in Belgium at launch, to extending its reach into the A&E industry as part of a global company.


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Deltek + ArchiSnapper complements our growing portfolio of industry-leading solutions by helping architects and engineers collaborate more effectively to produce the highest quality field reports and punch lists in a fraction of the time.

When asked how customers are responding, Jeroen shared, “Throughout the last year, hundreds of Deltek Vantagepoint, Ajera and Specpoint users have experienced a free ArchiSnapper trial – with positive feedback! And as for our existing clients, since merging with Deltek, there is no difference in their day-to-day support ─ they still receive the same personalized service they always have.”

"Even as part of a larger firm, we still listen to the customer, and we take the most requested feature and build on it, that's what an agile and small business does,” noted Jeroen.

A great example of this ongoing product innovation is the integration between ArchiSnapper and Deltek Ajera and Deltek Vantagepoint, which launched late last year. Product users can now simplify field reporting for their project teams with this seamless integration that saves time, delivers better field reports, and improves communication with clients and contractors. Whether an A&E firm uses Ajera or Vantagepoint, on-premise or in the Deltek Cloud, they can leverage this easy-to-use integration.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Deltek is committed to driving purposeful innovation through our industry-specific solutions by helping our customers achieve greater efficiency and productivity. Deltek + ArchiSnapper is a shining example of this continued pursuit to empower A&E firms through mobile technology.

Since launching Deltek + ArchiSnapper, architects and engineers across the globe have experienced first-hand how the solution helps reduce time spent on mundane tasks, so that they can focus on more fulfilling and meaningful work.

"Our clients are very happy, not only with the product and the support, but also with the increased communication and opportunities to connect ─ like newsletters and Customer Town Halls. These are things we did not have previously, because we were a small 10-person team,” Jeroen explained.

Deltek customers continue to share how this leading field app resonates with their day-to-day pain points, and how it is helping improve project efficiency and quality.

Here is how Deltek + ArchiSnapper is transforming their business:

“Deltek + ArchiSnapper reduces the amount of time for our site observation reports by about 50%. All of the administrative and busywork we used to do is now just handled automatically with ArchiSnapper. It lets us focus on the site visit – observing the site, documenting what’s going on ─ instead of worrying about managing images, organizing them in the right folders and inserting them into a report.” ─ Dan Sigler, Business Technology Manager at Jordan & Skala Engineers  

“We use Deltek + ArchiSnapper for site management and reporting. It allows us to add annotations, indicate items on a floor plan, reopen the previous report and update it, assign someone to a pending task so everyone can view their assigned responsibilities, and more.” ─ Robrecht Vermant, Director at BURO 2018

“Deltek + ArchiSnapper won me over in no time. It is such an intuitive tool. A 10-minute demo plus a 5-minute video; that is how long it took me to understand how it works. It was very important for me to find a tool that is user friendly and easy to adopt because as an IT specialist, it is my job to train the rest of the team.” ─ Israël Cassano, IT Manager and Safety Inspector at Sotrelco


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