Consulting Firm Cityscape Partner with Deltek to Support Development Goals

October 27, 2020

TwitterTweet it:'An increase in competition means that firms have to be smarter about how they do business'

We are delighted to begin working with the highly innovative consulting practice, Cityscape Digital.

The consultancy firm works with the world’s most renowned architects and biggest property developers, producing marketing and planning visuals and films for some of the most high profile developments in London and across the world. It is crucial the team have full visibility of their projects to deliver the speed of design and the breadth of services that their clients demand.

A recovering economy and increase in competition means that firms have to be smarter about how they do business. This includes communicating with clients to ensure needs are met on both sides, tracking project budgets, and properly allocating resources so you deliver the best possible results even when changes occur. Cityscape Digital was going through a period of development and growth, and needed a more sophisticated solution, to make informed data-driven decisions. The firm wanted to make proactive decisions which could impact the outcome of a project, instead of reacting when it’s often too late.

“A lot of our reporting and data collection was taking place at the end of the month. This was too late to influence an active project, so instead, we tried to apply it to the next one. Our aim was to move towards a solution that linked our key data sets, removed manual labour and reduced the number of different packages needing data input, whilst using live metrics to inform business decisions.” Peter Scott, Operations Director – Cityscape Digital.


"Our aim was to move towards a solution that linked our key data sets"

Cityscape will roll out the CRM aspect of Vantagepoint first, in light of the current climate and the impact on their commercial teams. The firm recently had more sales and business development engagements than ever before, so the improved CRM functionality that Vantagepoint delivers will ensure they can keep track of this data. Teams will also have a single source of access to all of the data moving forward, allowing quicker and more effective collaboration to support them in winning more work.

“I am extremely impressed with the Deltek team - this includes everyone from the Sales team to the consultants involved in the setup. We are certainly not one of the largest companies Deltek will be working with, but it's great to experience a strong level of service and respect regardless.”


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