Deltek Customers: Why Ashcourt Construction Chose PIM

March 26, 2019

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Ashcourt Construction bring calm to the information chaos as they go live with Deltek Project Information Management.

Why Ashcourt Construction Chose Deltek PIM


"We chose Deltek PIM based on past experience, industry recommendation and comparisons with other package."



Part of the wider Ashcourt Group, Ashcourt Construction are a growing company with an understanding that with growth, comes the need for a solid infrastructure of systems and procedures.

With a disparate information storage and distribution system across its user base, Ashcourt Construction approached Deltek for a solution that would bring order to the chaos, pulling financial, project data, documents, emails and drawings into one central location.

“We chose Deltek PIM based on past experience, industry recommendation and comparisons with other packages. We found no other that offered a similar package, where the integration into the business would be as seamless.”

Deltek Project Information Management (PIM) will give the project team and the wider organisation the visibility and intelligence they need to run their business and projects more efficiently and profitably. With enhanced quality and accuracy, increased productivity, improved collaboration and mitigated risk, teams can stay connected with critical project information throughout the entire project lifecycle,.

“An unaccepted benefit has been the opportunity to review all systems, procedures and document templates rather than just keeping the one we have.”

As Ashcourt Construction progress through implementation, we will be keeping in touch and sharing their transformational journey.

What Is PIM?

A Project Information Management (PIM) strategy and system offers an efficient and easy way of managing your project information. Your PIM strategy can, and should, cover all of the information created and shared as part of your projects. Whether you are an architect, engineer, construction consultant or contractor, having PIM in place will assist in the smooth running of your projects. ( Find out more on the blog: 'What Is PIM?' ).

About Ashcourt Construction

Hull based, Ashcourt Construction provide tailor made solutions for our development projects, offering a one stop construction solution, managing the development process from land assembly, acquisition, design and planning through to construction delivery.

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