Create Sleek, Impressive Proposals with Vantagepoint

November 23, 2021
Teresa Bever
Product Director

Proposals take a lot of effort. Each project is unique and so is each proposal. But, that doesn’t mean you have to start over with every proposal. Use Vantagepoint’s new, visual proposal builder to quickly create proposals that include boilerplate information about your firm, employee bios that illustrate your team’s expertise, and impressive project examples that demonstrate why you are the best fit for this particular project. 

Vantagepoint CRM Proposal Builder

With Vantagepoint Proposals, take advantage of all the information that you are already tracking for your projects to create sleek project sheets. The powerful search capabilities allow you to find the perfect projects to highlight in your proposal.

Project Descriptions and Project Sheets

For each project sheet, you select the fields, project descriptions and images directly from the project hub. Drag and drop and format project elements directly on the screen to create project sheets for several projects at the same time with the same consistent layout. And because the information already exists in Vantagepoint, you will spend less time chasing down information about past projects and more time strategizing about winning this project.


Employee Bios and Resumes

Creating employee bios or resumes for your proposal is just as easy. After selecting the team, select the fields, resume descriptions and images from the employee hub to create impressive, professional resumes in just a few minutes that are customized to highlight the specific experience and credentials of this particular project pursuit.


Boilerplates and Templates

Boilerplate documents can be saved as master elements, which can be added to new proposals for reuse over and over again. For example, you might have a page about your firm with some pictures and text about the history of your firm. After designing this page about your firm on the first proposal, you can select all of the elements to save as a master element. Then you simply drag and drop the entire document onto a new proposals.


Once you have created that perfect proposal, you can save it as a template to use as a starting point for the next proposal. Your template will include all of the styles, colors, records and layout as this proposal. In just a few clicks, you can create a new proposal from this template and start customizing it for the next project pursuit.

Export Proposals to Word

Proposals can be exported to Microsoft Word enabling you to use the full power of Word to format your proposal. The Word document will look the same as it did in the Vantagepoint proposal builder. Once exported, you can easily share with others to get critical feedback to position your firm to win, as well as make those final formatting changes before submitting your proposal. 

Vantagepoint Export Proposal To Word

With the visual builder and easy access to boilerplate, employee and project information, Vantagepoint enables you to quickly create beautiful, winning proposals that will easily impress your clients!