Revolutionizing Business Automation with Deltek Unionpoint

January 17, 2024
Revolutionizing Business Automation with Deltek Unionpoint

In today's dynamic business landscape, organizations are managing a myriad of disconnected applications. Even though each of these solutions serves a particular business need or supports a specific workflow, the complexity of a disconnected ecosystem results in unnecessary manual processes, data silos and the need for custom integrations to enhance efficiency.

Deltek Unionpoint, an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution, is a transformative tool to address these challenges and streamline business processes through systems integration and workflow automation.

Current Challenges in Business Automation

Modern businesses rely on a diverse array of applications, ranging from customer relationship management (CRM) to finance and IT tools. As companies grow, the number of applications increases, leading to data silos where vital information is trapped within individual systems. Manual replication of data between systems becomes necessary, introducing errors, inefficiencies and an ongoing burden for employees.

Custom integrations, while effective, come with a high cost and complexity. Building integrations traditionally involves specialized technical teams, leading to substantial upfront investments. Maintenance becomes an ongoing challenge, especially when team members change and the integration needs adjustments or updates. The fragility of custom integrations poses a significant risk, particularly when switching applications or service providers.

The Unionpoint Platform

Unionpoint addresses these challenges by providing a platform that facilitates seamless integration between Deltek products and third-party applications, enabling efficient communication and data sharing—the foundation of effective automation. Several key features set Unionpoint apart:

1. Ecosystem of Pre-Built Connectors

Unionpoint boasts an extensive ecosystem of over a thousand pre-built connectors for Deltek products and third-party applications. These connectors help you get up and running more quickly, reducing the need for specialized development knowledge. This accelerates the integration process, making it simpler, faster to build and easier to modify.

2. Secure and Centralized Platform

By consolidating the automation platform, Unionpoint eliminates the overhead of managing multiple technologies and cloud providers. It provides a secure and centralized environment, simplifying auditing, tracking and managing the technological footprint of an organization.

3. Collaborative Environment

Unionpoint offers a collaborative, web-based environment, allowing integrators to work together seamlessly throughout the entire lifecycle of integrations. This eliminates the complexities associated with hosting custom solutions and ensures security and compliance are inherited from the Unionpoint framework.

4. Intuitive Integration

With an intuitive visual integration environment and various workflow and data mapping tools, Unionpoint caters to both technical and non-technical users. This opens the door to a broader audience of skilled integrators within organizations who can bridge the gap between business challenges and technological solutions—those known as "business technologists”.

5. Productized Integrations

Unionpoint accelerates integrations by offering productized integrations, where specific applications are integrated end-to-end, provided as turnkey solutions. This approach simplifies the integration process, especially for organizations that already own the products being integrated.

Unlock the Potential of Automation

Deltek Unionpoint emerges as a powerful solution to the challenges posed by manual workflows and costly custom integrations. By providing a secure, centralized and collaborative platform with pre-built connectors and intuitive tools, Unionpoint helps organizations unlock the potential of automation with a set of tools to designed to empower a diverse pool of integrators within your teams. Deltek Unionpoint can help you automate everyday tasks more easily, eliminate unnecessary inefficiencies, and increase collaboration and productivity—all while saving you time and money.  


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