Deltek Announces Retooled GovWin IQ Labor Pricing Application for Government Contractors

New analytical features help customers optimize competitive pricing strategies

Herndon, VA – December 9, 2019 – Deltek, the leading provider of software and solutions for project-based businesses, announced today its GovWin IQ customers now have access to an enriched Labor Pricing Analytics application, allowing them to conduct pricing analysis efficiently, by comparing millions of fully-burdened labor rates in seconds.

The government contracting environment can be competitive, and knowing how to bid successfully is just as important as identifying on which contracting opportunities to bid. For government contractors to develop a winning pricing strategy, they require benchmarking as many data points as possible – job titles, contract award and incumbent data, education and work experience requirements, and labor rate comparisons. GovWin IQ’s robust Labor Pricing Analytics application provides a user-friendly way to make these comparisons using real pricing data extended by vendors to federal agencies.

“Our research shows that companies who sell to the public sector find it challenging to conduct thorough pricing analysis to support their proposals,” said Kevin Plexico, Senior VP of Information Solutions at Deltek. “With Labor Pricing Analytics, we are giving our customers the ability to analyze more than 15 million historic and future labor rates to evaluate how competitors are approaching price and – critically – to see what agency buyers have paid for similar services recently.”

With the new Labor Pricing Analytics, GovWin IQ users will be able to:

  • Create visualizations of the labor pricing market with interactive analytics and data points
  • Build inclusive job category searches with GovWin’s proprietary Smart Tags, bridging the jargon gap between agencies and industry
  • Alleviate hours of work with custom pivot tables to optimize their next bid

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