Deltek Launches AI-Powered Business Companion, Deltek Dela™, to Revolutionize Project-Based Businesses

Deltek Dela leverages purposeful innovation to enhance productivity, accuracy and value to power project success

Herndon, VA – April 15, 2024 – Deltek, the leading global provider of software and solutions for project-based businesses, has unveiled Dela™, its AI-powered, intelligent business companion. Dela is a suite of AI-powered technologies built into Deltek’s portfolio of solutions. Individually, each AI capability has its own role and function, which brings together all of Deltek’s existing and future AI capabilities under one umbrella.

Within certain Deltek solutions today and with future releases coming, customers can begin to leverage Dela in multiple ways to generate smart content, predict project performance, find information more efficiently, and automate simple tasks.

Generating Smart Content

Dela organizes vast amounts of data and distills it into concise, actionable insights with GenAI-powered Smart Summaries™ that equip decision-makers with crucial information and enable informed choices.

GovWin IQ and Vantagepoint are two of the Deltek solutions already utilizing Dela’s smart content capabilities. GovWin IQ Smart Summaries™ – unveiled in late 2023 – leverages GenAI to make data collection and synopsis effortless by delivering clear, concise executive briefings for federal Agency Profiles, federal Contract Awards and state, local, and education (SLED) Government Profiles with the click of a button.

Predicting Success

By introducing predictive elements into everyday processes, Dela will help anticipate resource needs, automate processes, streamline project staffing and hiring, and recommend strategies to reduce future risks based on historical project and performance data.

Coming soon in Deltek ERPs, Dela will make labor forecasting smarter – helping project managers and resource managers predict availability based on current assignments, suggest replacements if needed and also provide potential actions.

Intelligent Exploration

Dela engages users through natural language interactions to retrieve and explore information, perform tasks and get product assistance without having to navigate Deltek solutions. Dela is an AI-powered digital companion that comes to work every day with each user.

Costpoint, one of Deltek’s ERP solutions, already features GenAI capabilities. In its latest release, Deltek evolved Hey Deltek to the Dela digital assistant, designed to make government contractors even more productive and efficient. Powered by GenAI, the Dela digital assistant allows end-users to: ask questions about contracts or projects; initiate emails or phone calls regarding overdue tasks; use voice recognition and natural language processing capabilities to provide answers based on the relevant data available in Costpoint; and make more informed and quicker decisions. The Dela digital assistant will be making its way into more Deltek products, starting with Vantagepoint this summer.

“Dela represents our commitment to continuously innovate on how projects get done for the thousands of global project-based businesses that rely on Deltek solutions,” said Warren Linscott, Chief Product Officer at Deltek. “We are in a new era of AI-enabled software, and project-based businesses need a trusted partner that can help them responsibly transform with new technology. We’re excited to add value for our customers through the use of traditional AI and GenAI within our products. Dela’s capabilities will revolutionize the way our customers operate their businesses and execute their projects. We’re excited about what we have already delivered and plan on accelerating AI-driven capabilities into our products in 2024 and beyond.”

Deltek will be sharing more details about Dela at the Deltek Project Nation Live event in London on April 16, 2024. For more information about Dela, visit

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