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      1. Newsroom
        1. Press Releases
          1. 2014
            1. Deltek Customer Care Rated Outstanding By TSIA
            2. Deltek Receives 2014 Confirmit Achievement in Customer Excellence Award
            3. Deltek a Finalist for 2014 Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Awards
          2. 2015
            1. Deltek Wins ERP Award at Forretningssystemer 2015
            2. Deltek Named Top Workplace
            3. Deltek Receives Skillsoft Innovations Award
            4. Deltek Recognized As A 2015 Confirmit ACE Award Winner
          3. 2016
            1. Deltek Acquires Union Square to Empower AEC Firms
            2. Deltek Honored for Delivering World-Class Customer Service
            3. Insight User Conference Honored with a Silver Stevie® Award
            4. Deltek Customer Care Rated Outstanding By TSIA
          4. 2017
            1. Mary Beth Cockerham to Receive Inaugural Women in Sales Award
            2. Deltek A Winner of the Greater Washington Area 2017 Top Workplaces Award
            3. Deltek Customer Care Rated Outstanding For The Fourth Consecutive Year
            4. Deltek Acquires WorkBook
          5. 2018
            1. CHA Re-engineers Its Business With Deltek
            2. Cracknell To Take Its Business Systems Into The Cloud With Deltek ERP
            3. Deltek Acquires ConceptShare
            4. Deltek Announces Completion of GovWin+Onvia Integration
            5. Deltek Announces FedFocus 2019
            6. Deltek Announces Its New Contract Management Solution
            7. Deltek Announces Keynote Lineup for Deltek Insight
            8. Deltek Announces the Finalists for Its 2018 MVP Awards
            9. Deltek Announces the Winners of the 2018 Deltek Insight MVP Awards
            10. Deltek Announces Winners of the 2017 Partner Awards Program
            11. Deltek Appoints Matt Strazza as Head of its Global Sales Organization
            12. Deltek Completes Integration of Onvia Market Intelligence into GovWin IQ
            13. Deltek Customers Ranked Among the Best-of-the-Best Consulting Firms
            14. Deltek Honored with Customer Service Awards
            15. Deltek Implements Ontological Tagging to Empower Government Contractors
            16. Deltek Insight 2018 to Provide Support for International Medical Corps Relief Efforts
            17. Deltek Named One of the Best Places to Work in Asia
            18. Deltek PIM Expands Its Global Footprint to Accelerate AEC Adoption
            19. Deltek's Product Partner Marketplace Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary
            20. Deltek To Host Multi-City Tour for A&E Firms
            21. Deltek Unveils Vantagepoint at Deltek Insight 2018
            22. Deltek Announces It Will Rename the Next Release of DPS to Vantagepoint
            23. Deltek WorkBook Celebrates Milestone Year
            24. Ed Hutner Honored with Urban Empowerment Award
            25. JD Power Recognizes Deltek
            26. LEAD2018 Recognizes Deltek as a Top Award Winner in Leadership Development
            27. NAGA Architects Selects Deltek
            28. New Report from Deltek
          6. 2019
            1. Allies and Morrison Selects Deltek
            2. Deltek the Preferred SMB Government Contracting Software
            3. Civil and Structural Engineering Firm, Cameron+Ross, Select Deltek
            4. Deem and Deltek Announce Partnership to Integrate Travel and Expense Platforms
            5. Deltek Acquires Avitru
            6. Deltek and Grant Thornton Form Alliance
            7. Deltek Announces Partnership with Alirrium and UiPath
            8. Deltek Announces Retooled GovWin IQ Labor Pricing Application
            9. Deltek Announces the Speakers and Sponsors for Deltek Insight
            10. Deltek Announces the Winners of the 2019 Deltek Insight MVP Awards
            11. Deltek Announces Winners of the Partner Awards Program
            12. Deltek Awarded 2019 Achievement in Customer Excellence
            13. Deltek Completes Its Acquisition of ComputerEase
            14. Deltek Customer Care Rated Outstanding By TSIA
            15. Deltek Insight To Provide Support for the Foundation of Hospital Art
            16. Deltek Named by NVTC as a 2019 Tech 100 Honoree
            17. Deltek Named Innovation Stage Sponsor
            18. Deltek Once Again Named A Best Place To Work in Asia
            19. Deltek Opens This Year's Clarity Industry Surveys for GovCon and A&E
            20. Deltek Reaches Agreement to Acquire ComputerEase
            21. Delteks 10th Annual Government Contracting Clarity Industry Study Results
            22. Deltek Unveils 40th Annual Deltek Clarity AE Industry Study Results
            23. Deltek Unveils Acumen Touchstone at Deltek Insight 2019
            24. Design Firm Zebra To Consolidate Business Systems with Deltek ERP
            25. Federal Cloud Computing Spending to Reach $9.1 Billion by 2024
            26. Inland Homes Selects Deltek PIM
            27. JD Power Recognizes Deltek for Outstanding Customer Service
            28. LEAD2019 Recognizes Deltek For The Second Year In A Row
            29. The Washington Post Names Deltek a 2019 Top Workplace
            30. Venatôre Selects Deltek for its User-Friendly Design to Power Future Growth
          7. 2020
            1. CMS GERMANY Selects Deltek
            2. Deltek and CEO Mike Corkery Honored at the 2020 NVTC
            3. Deltek Announces Costpoint GovCon Cloud Moderate Launch
            4. Deltek Announces the 2020 Most Valuable Projects Award Winners
            5. Deltek Announces The Launch of Costpoint 8
            6. Deltek Appoints Caleb Merriman as CISO
            7. Deltek Awarded 2020 Achievement in Customer Excellence
            8. Deltek Awards Outstanding Partners at Its 2020 Global Partner Kickoff Event
            9. Deltek Customer Care “Rated Outstanding” By TSIA for Sixth Consecutive Year
            10. Deltek Honored with NorthFace ScoreBoard Award
            11. Deltek Named A Best Place to Work in the Philippines
            12. Deltek Recognized for the Third Year in a Row by J.D. Power
            13. Deltek Set to Host Record-Breaking Number at Deltek Insight
            14. Executive Mosaic Names Kevin Plexico to the 2020 Wash100 Awards List
            15. IT Investments to Reach $56 Billion & $11 Billion By 2024
            16. ORS Selects Deltek to Support Growth
            17. The Kantar Group Migrates to Deltek Cloud
            18. The Washington Post Names Deltek a Top Workplace in D.C.
            19. UK-based Digital Marketing Agency QueryClick Selects Deltek
          8. 2021
            1. Announcing Deltek Payments
            2. Atlas Technical Consultants Selects Deltek to Power Its Growth
            3. Booz Allen Hamilton Selects Deltek
            4. Deltek Acquires ArchiSnapper
            5. Deltek and AIA Announce a New Solution for Architects
            6. Deltek and CEO Mike Corkery Named to the 2021 NVTC Tech 100 List
            7. Deltek Announces Entertainment and Sponsors for Virtual Insight 2021
            8. Deltek Announces Executive Appointments
            9. Deltek Announces Keynote Speakers For Deltek Insight 2021
            10. Deltek Announces the 14th Annual MVP Award Winners at Insight 2021
            11. Deltek Announces Winners of the Deltek Global Partner Awards Program for 2020
            12. Deltek Drives Momentum in the Marketing and Creative Industries
            13. Deltek Earns Gold Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Award
            14. Deltek Launches New Global Partner Network
            15. Deltek Named a Best Place to Work in Asia
            16. Deltek Recognized with Lifetime Achievement Award from The LLS
            17. Deltek Releases the 12th Annual Clarity Government Contracting Industry Study
            18. Deltek Reveals Top Government Contracting Business Development Trends for 2022
            19. Deltek Specpoint Launched at Deltek Insight 2021
            20. Deltek Unveils its EMEA and APAC Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study Results
            21. Deltek Vantagepoint Sees Significant Momentum
            22. Dorsch Gruppe Selects Deltek
            23. Executive Mosaic Names Kevin Plexico to the 2021 Wash100 Awards List
            24. G2 Ranks Deltek Solutions As Leaders Among Project-Based ERP Firms
            25. NLR Selects Deltek to Power Its Business
            26. Nucleus Research Names Deltek a Leader in the 2021 ERP Value Matrix
            27. Qarbon Aerospace Selects Deltek to Support its Digital Transformation
            28. The Washington Post Names Deltek a 2021 Top Workplace
          9. 2022
            1. Deltek A 2022 Top Washington-Area Workplace
            2. Deltek and CEO Mike Corkery Once Again Named to the 2022 NVTC Tech 100 List
            3. Deltek Announces Deltek ProjectCon to Be Held Live This November
            4. Deltek Announces Growth and Momentum with its Ajera Solution
            5. Deltek Announces Its Global Partner Award Winners for 2021
            6. Deltek Announces Its Newest Partner Program Deltek Pro Bookkeepers
            7. Deltek Announces Speakers and Sponsors for Deltek ProjectCon 2022
            8. Deltek Announces Support for Local Nashville Charitable Organization
            9. Deltek Announces the 15th Annual MVP Award Winners at Deltek ProjectCon 2022
            10. Deltek Celebrates One Year Anniversary of ArchiSnapper Acquisition
            11. Digital Transformation is Vital to Maintaining Market Share
            12. Deltek Completes Its Acquisition of TIP Technologies
            13. Deltek ComputerEase Once Again Named a Top Tech Firm by CE Magazine
            14. Deltek Extends Its Leadership in the Government Contracting Industry
            15. Deltek Finishes the Year Strong in the Latest G2 Report
            16. Deltek Government Contracting Experts Named to the 2022 Wash100 List
            17. Deltek Named A Project-Based ERP Leader by G2
            18. Deltek Named One of America’s Best Employers in 2022 by Forbes
            19. Deltek Named One of “Asia’s Best Employer Brands” for the 10th Year
            20. Deltek Once Again Recognized by G2 as a Project-Based ERP Leader
            21. Marketplace & Solutions Partners Spotlighted During Deltek ProjectCon 2022
            22. Deltek Reaches Agreement to Acquire TIP Technologies
            23. Deltek Receives 2022 BEST Award
            24. Deltek Receives Innovation Award
            25. Deltek Recognized by J.D. Power
            26. Deltek Releases Its 13th Annual Clarity Government Contracting Industry Study
            27. Deltek Releases the 43rd AE Industry Study
            28. Deltek Research to Unveil Top Federal Contracting Opportunities for 2023
            29. Deltek Returns to The National Cyber Summit in Huntsville as Diamond Sponsor
            30. Deltek Scholars Program Created to Fund GMU Computer Science Graduates
            31. Deltek Takes Home Silver Brandon Hall Group Award
            32. Deltek Unionpoint Launches at Deltek ProjectCon 2022
            33. G2 Highlights Delteks Continued Project-Based ERP Leadership
            34. Deltek's Natasha Engan to Join the AIA Women's Leadership Summit 2022
            35. Nucleus Research Finds Government Contractors Win More Deals with Costpoint
            36. Qarbon Aerospace Completes Its Business Transformation
            37. SAWTST LLC Selects Deltek
          10. 2023
            1. Deltek Announces Expanded Partnership with Procore
            2. Deltek Announces Speakers and Sponsors for Deltek ProjectCon 2023
            3. Deltek Announces the Winners of Its Global Partner of the Year Awards
            4. Deltek Appoints Dean Tilsley as Chief Financial Officer
            5. Deltek Appoints Dinakar Hituvalli as Chief Technology Officer
            6. Deltek a Top Workplace in the D.C. Metro Area
            7. Deltek Celebrates Its Small Business Momentum
            8. Deltek Celebrates the Construction Industry
            9. Deltek CEO Mike Corkery Included in the 2023 Virginia 500 Power List
            10. Deltek Completes Its Acquisition of Replicon
            11. Deltek Continues Its Strategic Partnership with AIA
            12. Deltek GovCon Expert Kevin Plexico Named to the 2023 Wash100 List
            13. Deltek Heads to the National Small Business Conference
            14. Deltek Named a Best Place to Work in Asia for the 11th Year
            15. Deltek Named One of America’s Best Mid-Sized Employers by Forbes
            16. Deltek Reaches Agreement to Acquire Replicon
            17. Deltek Receives the Prestigious BEST Award
            18. Deltek Releases Its 14th Annual Clarity Government Contracting Industry Study
            19. Deltek Releases Its Newest Version of Costpoint
            20. Deltek Releases the 44th Annual Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study
            21. G2 Recognizes Deltek as an ERP Leader
            22. Glassdoor Names Deltek a Top Tech Company for Culture & Values
            23. Hexagon US Federal Selects Deltek Costpoint GovCon Cloud Moderate
            24. Investing in Technology is the Number One Priority for PS Firms in 2023
            25. New GovWin IQ Small Business Resource Center
            26. Nucleus Research Names Deltek an Expert
            27. Small Business ePATHUSA Selects Deltek Costpoint
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        2. Brian Daniell
        3. Caleb Merriman
        4. Dean Tilsley
        5. Dinakar Hituvalli
        6. Kevin Plexico
        7. Margo Martin
        8. Mike Scopa
        9. Natasha Engan
        10. Perry Hardt
        11. Pete Mann
        12. Ronda Cilsick
        13. Tracy Schampers
        14. Warren Linscott
        15. Ed Hutner
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