Three Ways WorkBook's Collaboration Feature Can Help Agency Teams When Working From Home

September 01, 2021

By Tangram, a Deltek WorkBook Partner.

Agency ERP system Deltek WorkBook‘s collaboration feature, allows agency teams to collaborate with ease. And best of all, all communication stays within the system so there’s no searching through emails looking for a vital piece of correspondence.

If you’re a WorkBook agency and not using this feature yet, here are 3 reasons to give it a go!

1. Brief collaboration

Getting a brief right is important for so many reasons. In WorkBook you can collaborate on briefs at both a job level and a task level.

At a job level, collaboration helps get the initial brief right before it’s shared with the wider team.

WorkBook new Job Conversation

WorkBook Creative Brief

While at a task level it allows those working on tasks to review them easily and ask any questions should anything be unclear.

WorkBook Task Conversation

2. Estimate collaboration

Getting an estimate right is important. Collaborating on the estimate allows the person creating it to liaise with all the individuals involved on the job. This will ensure the correct number of hours for each role have been included.

WorkBook Budget Conversation

Estimate collaboration will also ensure scope creep is kept to a minimum.

3. Overall project collaboration

Collaboration in WorkBook is not just limited to estimates and briefs, agencies can also collaborate on pipelines, invoices and purchase orders. Meaning all project related communication is stored in the system against the job, so it is easy to access and get an understanding of where a project is at any given time.

Watch this video to refresh your memory on how collaboration in WorkBook works and start collaborating with your teams today.

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