Do Engineering Firms Need An Aligned Business Culture?

Posted by Blair Pringle, New Business Director on May 19, 2015

Consulting Engineering Firms Need An Aligned Business Culture

Throughout the Consulting Engineering industry, we’re seeing a shift in the mind-set of business leaders to establish cross-regional and international support to provide a vision for a single, unified bottom-line organisation.

Developing this type of culture within Engineering Firms is key, but there are many challenges that stand in the way of achieving this. For example, many businesses are currently set up and managed at a local level rather than working as one cohesive unit. This leads to having multiple rates in multiple locations with no transparency across the business. As there is no visibility into how other locations or business units are operating, things like project delivery and rate-setting continue to be managed at a local level rather than by taking a business wide approach. This causes fluctuations in performance across locations.

Many Consulting Engineering firms are also finding that they want the ability to offer resource to those who are in need of it elsewhere in the company. However, most firms currently lack a global view of resources which makes this extremely difficult to do and denies the potential of sharing resource across different projects within the business.

In order to succeed at creating an aligned culture, Engineering firms need to provide a standardised global process that everyone with the business can understand. It needs to be simple, and everyone needs to know how they can adhere to it. Many firms have told us that they work in siloes due to fragmented processes within different teams, which leads to the inability to gain visibility across multiple parts of their business, but provides a blockade to establish an aligned business culture.

If Engineering firms are determined to align their culture and want to equip their people to better manage the business and their individual projects they need an effective business management solution, or more formally, a professional services enterprise resource planning tool. Having the right tools enables effective business management and real-time insight to make decisions in relation to its people, their time, and their projects, but better yet, provide a vehicle to educate their employees on business acumen and project profitability.

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