What Can You Learn From These Growing Organisations?

Posted by Ananya Kripalani on August 5, 2014

growing professional services firms

Find out how three Professional Services companies are using project-based ERP to solve their key business problems


The Professional Services sector has seen encouraging growth over the last few years. Firms across the consulting, architecture and engineering, legal and marketing sectors have seen their level of business and headcount increase as its fastest pace since 2007.

So how have these best in class Professional Services companies grown so successfully? We look at three examples - Hill & Knowlton EMEA Agency, Elden Law Firm and RAMBØLL Consulting Engineering Firm - to see how they have leveraged project-based ERP to solve their key business challenges and increase transparency within their organisations to enable further growth.

Learn how your organisation can follow the lead of these forward-thinking companies with project-based ERP, a strategy for growth and the right attitude for embracing change.