Use Timesheets To Your Advantage

Posted by Chris Duddridge, Business Director on March 24, 2014


It’s the end of a long working week, but before you can leave the office for the weekend more often than not the last task of the week is completing your timesheets.

For client servicing businesses, timesheets are crucial and if they are managed correctly, they can help you tailor your future workload. You shouldn’t continue to put them in the ‘too difficult’ box – start maximising your time and turn timesheet completion from a chore to an advantage.

Start completing timesheets on the move

To ensure you get out on time at the end of the week, you just need to allocate a few minutes a day to completing your timesheet, rather than leaving the task to build up at the end of the week. To make it even easier for you, most mobile timesheets are now available as mobile apps so you can manage them on the move. Fill in your time throughout your day, on your commute or on the way in to the office.

Get a clear view of your workload

Although it may sometimes feel that timesheets were invented by line managers who want to keep an overly watchful eye on you; in reality their purpose is the exact opposite. Transparency of workload and project status is essential to the senior team so they have a firm view of whether clients are being under or over serviced. They can use timesheets to have an open conversation about a budget increase or workload reduction with the client.

Having a clear overview of your client accounts works in your favour too as you can see which you are spending your time on and if you are focusing too much on one and not enough on another. This could act as proof to your manager that you can’t give enough attention to all your accounts due to a particularly over-demanding client and they can help you organise your workload and free up some time to ensure client satisfaction across all accounts. Which is a win-win for all.

Use timesheets to show results

When you are being measured on delivering tangible results, you need to be able to provide evidence between the client fee being charged and the activity you are delivering, therefore showing how much your work is worth and that you are helping drive ROI. This insight will definitely give you the step up that you need for the more senior project roles.