What's New in WorkBook 13.2

April 06, 2022
Regan Riddoch
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

As we maintain our pledge to continually improve WorkBook’s user experience, release 13.2 is no exception. With an enhanced scheduling interface and improvements to Conversations, this release is all about making scheduling and collaborating more efficient.


Scheduling Usability Improvements

In 13.2, users now have the ability to submit bookings for approval via the Calendar and Timeline Calendar views. This makes it easier for Resource Managers to approve resource booking requests from Project Managers and Schedulers without having to navigate to a second resourcing view.



Auto populated @Callouts in Conversations

This version helps to streamline Conversations and make it easier to alert team members of new comments by auto populating a list of names, either by first or last name, when adding an @callout.

Convo Callout


Updates to the English-Custom Language Setting

For our North American customers, WorkBook already offers the option to populate your system with standard agency terminology that reflects the lexicon used most often by the market in that location. This supports easier employee training and promotes greater user adoption agency-wide, which helps maximize the value of your Deltek solution and ensures your get the most accurate operational data and insights possible.

This release allows you to more easily change the system language to English-Custom which includes terminology used in the North American market.

English Custom



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