Modify Report Layouts with WorkBook's Built-In Report Editor

November 17, 2021
Regan Riddoch
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

WorkBook’s ability to fit to your agency’s specific needs spans the gamut from deep technical configurations to the simplest day-to-day items. Although it can be considered a minor detail, the ability to create report layouts that look exactly how you want them, is something that can make a big difference, not only for your internal team, but for how you present yourself to clients.

Here’s how you can use WorkBook’s built-in report editor to easily create a report that looks exactly how you want:

First, find the report you want to use as a template – In this example, we are using the Invoice report (351). Within the Report menu, click the hamburger icon and choose “Modify the selected layout.”

WorkBook Modify Layout

You will then be taken to the report editor where you can create a new version of the selected layout by modifying fields, labels, and colors. (To modify logos or watermarks, skip ahead to the last section of this post.)

The menu on the left is used to insert new labels and the menu on the right can be used to manipulate the existing items on the layout.

WorkBook Report Editor

To save your progress and changes use the burger menu at the top left and select save – You will be presented with an option to rename the new layout.

WorkBook Report Editor Rename

Next time you open the Report dropdown, you can choose which version of the Invoice layout you’d like to run. It’s that easy.

Add or replace a logo or watermark on a report:

To change logos, you don’t need to access the report editor. Any user can simply add a watermark from the Reports dropdown menu by selecting from those that have already been uploaded.

Watermarks must be:

  • PNG file
  • 300 dpi
  • 2480 x 3508 pixels or 2550 x 3300 (if you’re using a special letter sized report)

To add a watermark, navigate to Settings > Folders, reports and documents > Report layout and watermarks. 

WorkBook Watermark Settings

Once uploaded, the watermark is ready to use in WorkBook. You can set your watermark as default on purchase orders, price quotes, invoices and debtor interest notes. Simply create a new default and select which reference type and reference this watermark should concern. 

These watermarks can be used on any report in WorkBook. Simply choose the watermark in the bottom right corner of the Reports dropdown menu before printing the report.

WorkBook Select Watermark

To replace an existing watermark, you can select a watermark and click the refresh button to replace the existing watermark with a new upload.

WorkBook Replace Watermark

Set a default watermark:

This way you can have different watermarks for different companies, departments, debtors or clients. In the example below, we set the watermark named ‘Deltek_WatermarkUS’ as default for price quotes on the client ‘Heineken’. So next time a price quote is created for that client, ‘Deltek_WatermarkUS’ will automatically be set.

WorkBook Add New Watermark

To delete unused watermarks, navigate to the “Watermark setup” tab. Select the watermark you wish to delete and press the delete button in the upper left corner.

WorkBook Trash Watermark

Reach out to your CSM for more info about modifying report layouts.


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