Making Moves: Take Maconomy to the Deltek Cloud

July 01, 2020

Gartner states that more than 75% of firms using cloud services have a cloud-first strategy. Amidst the recent need for more accessibility, flexibility and mobility - have you considered how Maconomy fits into your overall cloud computing strategy?  Deltek has multiple Maconomy cloud offerings to meet the needs of companies varying in size and complexity. This blog post will review reasons to move to the cloud, the Maconomy cloud offerings and the implementation process.

In case you missed it, watch the on-demand webinar, Planning Your Move to the Deltek Cloud, with Deltek presenter, Paul Tomlin.


Planning Your Move to the Deltek Cloud

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First things first...Why should I consider a move to the cloud?

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
As project-based companies face mounting pressures on IT resources and reduced budgets, it’s critical to make the most of your budgetary dollars. By moving Maconomy into the Deltek Cloud, you can reduce total cost of ownership.  SaaS solutions can be more cost effective than maintaining hardware and infrastructure, and with Deltek maintaining the infrastructure you have less hassles, downtime and unexpected expenses.

Maximize IT Resources
With companies juggling a remote workforce, managing hardware and infrastructure onsite may be inconvenient or even impossible. Allow your IT experts to focus on critical issues and supporting your more mobile workforce to help maintain business productivity.  With a Deltek Cloud solution, our team of dedicated cloud experts virtually monitor and maintain your Maconomy system so your limited or overworked IT staff don’t have to worry about it.

Support a Mobile Workforce
Remote workers need accessible and available tools to maintain daily activities, like delivering projects.  A Maconomy Cloud solution provides more accessibility enabling your mobile workforce, across the globe.

Eliminate Unforeseen Hardware Issues
With squeezed budgets, you want peace of mind that your critical business solutions will support you with reliable performance is crucial. Dealing with a potentially unexpected IT purchase can wipe out the existing IT budget and reduce much needed cash. It can also put your project delivery and cash flow at risk. A Maconomy SaaS solution allows you to annually budget business solution expenses with predictability and peace of mind. 

What are the cloud offerings?

Whether you are moving or initially deploying Maconomy in the Deltek Cloud, there are three offerings:

  • Maconomy Essentials - a templated database, pre-configured using industry best practices includes recommended reports and layout changes, and allows for a rapid implementation. With the database, no extensibility is allowed (no custom universes or extensions), but RESTful API integrations are allowed. A typical Essentials client will have less complex requirements and supports up to a few hundred employees.
  • Maconomy Essentials Flex - this also has the Essentials industry practice templated database, but the Flex add-on provides a development environment for non-java extensions. Extension examples include layout changes, embedding BPM reports, notifications, data-dependent layouts and more. Similar to Essentials, Flex clients often have less complex business requirements and utilize
  • Maconomy Enterprise Cloud - most similar to an on-premises deployment, this offering provides full extensibility options and multiple environments for testing, development and the support of production rollouts of new functionality. Unlike Essentials, there is no template database and can meet the more complex needs of clients.

How does a migration from on-premises to cloud work?

The Deltek Global Consulting (DGC) team utilizes PROVEN methodology, and has done so to support hundreds of Maconomy implementations and migrations into the Deltek Cloud. The DGC team works closely with the Deltek Cloud team during the security review test period and go-live.

When moving from on-premises to the Deltek Cloud there are a few implementation options. These options depend on a few factors including current Maconomy version, cloud offering and upgrade path. If you are interested in learning more, contact your Deltek Account Manager and they will engage with Deltek Global Consulting to start discussing your migration and upgrade options.

Ready to learn more?

Watch the on-demand webinar, Planning Your Move to the Deltek Cloud, or contact your Deltek Account Manager to discuss Maconomy cloud offerings in more detail.