Keep Your Software Current with Less Downtime in the Deltek Cloud

March 07, 2023
Keep Software Current with Less Downtime

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Hosting your software in the cloud allows you to scale your business, maintain flexibility and focus your efforts on business operations and delivering positive project outcomes without needing to maintain a complex IT infrastructure.

This is not new information for professional services firms, so why are we still talking about it? Because some firms are still not taking advantage of the many benefits of the cloud, and these benefits are important to business and project success.

Software applications that are self-hosted and maintained on-premises require a lot of maintenance to stay up-to-date, secure and make available to your customers and staff. Many project-based businesses have decided to move their applications and data to the cloud by partnering with a cloud ERP software provider like Deltek to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve security. This reduces the burden on their IT teams and frees them to be more strategic.

How the Cloud Makes Your ERP More Secure & Cost Effective

For many companies with self-hosted software applications, major concerns include keeping their ERP application up to date, the potential for downtime, and the people costs associated with software updates and upgrades. When your ERP application is hosted and maintained by a SaaS provider like Deltek, your software stays up to date with scheduled upgrades and minimal or no downtime during business hours. With no dedicated IT effort needed to manage updates and no additional licenses to purchase, you save on resource time, as well as on hardware and software costs.

Another challenge companies face is keeping enterprise solutions running fast and efficiently. IT leaders must constantly deal with allocating time and resources to maintain and fine-tune the application environment. When you move to a Deltek solution hosted in the cloud, you can rest assured that Deltek experts are continuously monitoring and optimizing the application stack to achieve better performance and maximize productivity.

By leveraging Deltek’s cloud solutions, you can be confident that your software and systems security and patching are current and that IT has total visibility. The day-to-day maintenance of applications is an important but resource-dependent task that should be managed by a trusted partner that knows your industry and can be an extension of your IT organization for no additional maintenance fees. The amount of time saved will free up your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives that will benefit everyone in the organization and accelerate your more valuable IT needs for the growth of the business.


5 Reasons Cloud Should be Your Firm’s Next Move

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Moving to the Cloud Ensures Availability of Your Data

When you choose to host your ERP solution in the cloud, your data is centralized and managed by your provider. This model provides high availability, so your application and data are distributed across multiple cloud instances and locations. Combined with vendor-managed data backups and disaster recovery (DR) capabilities, this delivery approach reduces the risk of data loss from failed backups or disaster.

Cloud-hosted software is perfect for growing businesses because resources can be allocated instantly to support significant increases in demand, mitigating the risk of experiencing latency or downtime. Your business can continue to grow and scale effortlessly to meet increasing demands without increasing staff or budget spend.

With a centralized data repository backed by a robust and powerful database, you also gain the benefit of a 360-degree view of all your data. This can provide you with actionable insights into your projects in real-time with customizable reporting options.

5 Big Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

If you still have doubts about moving your ERP to the cloud, the major value of the cloud is the multiple time and cost-saving benefits all wrapped up into one, managed solution delivery.

Deltek’s cloud solutions deliver:

  1. Security: Protecting your data is Deltek’s top priority. We’ve built the industry’s leading solution with security and compliance in mind.
  2. Lower Total Costs: One of the most attractive features of Deltek’s cloud is that there is no need for infrastructure like servers and 3rd party software licenses, saving you time and money.
  3. Customer Support: A big advantage is the availability of cloud and product expertise when you need it from Deltek’s award-winning support team.
  4. Scalability: The ability to grow with a solution is what makes SaaS so appealing to many businesses. If you need more capabilities or more storage, you can add them at any time.
  5. Flexibility: You can customize your ERP delivery in Deltek’s cloud so that it works best for your unique needs, making it much more flexible than other application delivery models.

Why Project-Based Businesses Should Choose Deltek

With an award-winning team of experts to work in partnership with you on your journey to the cloud, Deltek’s cloud ERP solutions help you achieve optimal performance, lower overall costs, and remain secure and up-to-date so you can get back to what you do best, delivering successful projects. And when you choose Deltek, you gain a trusted partner, along with the confidence and peace of mind our cloud solutions provide.


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